Ok so Emma Watson got her ditties out, what’s wrong with that….who doesn’t love ditties… I love ditties. And all these people saying she’s not a real feminist because she flashed the ditties….are all fucking right!!!!  How can you go around screaming about women’s rights and gender equity….and then play the ” I’m a little sex bomb ” card!! It don’t work that way you either fight for the non sex object womans rights or you become a sex object in show business. I know sexy sells so I don’t blame any girl for any nude or semi nude photo shoots  ( if I could get paid for whipping my lad out I do it in a second…you can see my ass for free) but please Emma don’t try and play both sides of the fence ( poor choice of words….cant stop thinking of yesterday’s blog). We here at” 187″ post pictures of beautiful women  daily and we fight for women’s rights too…but the difference is with us  we see a beautiful woman and respect her as an equal and never put up degrading  images…its a respect of beauty and hard work that we know the women we show have put in to get where they are….Emma Watson wants to have a billion men and boys sign up for equal rights training … but then wants guys to look at her as a sex object too…try explaining that to a fucked up Harry potter fan ( ladies ….feel free to think of me as a sex object…i don’t mind honestly….i ‘ll even tell ye bout my racing stripe)

Despite Emma Watson being a complete clown….. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY  is a great idea. For the last 8 months i ve been building “187” and we teach people to fight back if hit or what to do in bad situations or help them get rid of cyber bullies or bullies at work. The most people who contact us are women. I ‘ve heard some shocking stories of abuse…its the kinda shit that keeps you awake at night…so I try to help…and it’s all free. I can’t understand how guys can get it in they ‘re heads that they are somehow superior to women….we ‘re all equal ( except women are better looking and usually smarter than us guys…but don’t tell em I said that ) and deserve to treated that way. So roll on INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY ….why not….just please don’t let Ashley Judd write a poem or Madonna flash something because those two caused an awful lot of sickness last time….it was called “Ashley Judd and Madonna phobia “…suffer from it myself so I do…

The US Marines top brass are taking a very serious look into nude photos of female marines being posted on Facebook. It’s unclear as to weather or not the women knew the photos were being taken but it’s starting to look like that the photographs were taken without they ‘re permission. This is pretty fucking sick because I know alot of US MARINES and ex US MARINES  both male and female. They put they ‘re lives on the line so others don’t have too and are very proud to do it….but to be then sexually exploited by a few perverts who disgrace the Corp is sickening. This new scandal comes after the rumours that would not go away from a few years back…. the ” cherry marines ” as they were known were a bunch of good looking male recruits that were told that they ‘re  careers would move up faster if the performed gay sex with senior officers. Most did which I think is awful. With international womans day coming up this is a sad reflection of one of America’s most honourable military branches.

The CIA reckon reckon they have another Snowden on they re hands as a shit load of leaked documents appeared on Wikileaks  yesterday and today. To be honest I don’t really give a fuck as to what’s in the leaks because let’s face it any agency who had a rendition torture house in the West of Ireland are cruel bastards. I mean why torture the poor fucker ….just tell him he is in the West of Ireland, most guys would spill out any information to just get out of the West of Ireland I know I would and I’m Irish…but to torture the poor fucker too….thats just cruel! So there is leaks about the CIA … this is  where I use a quote from Bill Clinton  ( no it’s not “lick my balls too darling”) the quote is ” don’t give people any information they can use against you” in other words why the fuck do the CIA keep records of the bad shit they do….stupid is as stupid does…

Finally Ed Sherran has said that he shagged a few or all the Taylor swift squad…..dude that’s nothing to be proud of because they are bunch of gold digging social climbers and honestly I wouldn’t touch any of them with someone else’s cock. Check yourself checked dude because I read a story that one of them got busted having sex with a stranger sitting next to her on an aeroplane. I mean she got it on in the seat….in coach!!! Then complained that people where watching…..of course you going to watch. I ‘ve personally slept with too many women and I get myself checked once a year for everything because let’s face it nobody knows no one really do they.  I ‘ve never had anything thank god….but think about the Taylor swift squad going to the endless parties…do they leave alone and do they get checked….i ‘ll let you decide 

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..enjoy international womans day ladies

Love you all guys and gals…..

Here’s a beautiful intelligent woman….the lovely Rose Byrne 

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