I’m getting sick of the main stream media. Last night Emma Watson got tv air time on that shitty show carsen presents and guess what she spoke about… yes Emma Watson who is 26 years old went on  tv to flog the death horse story that is her career in the Harry Potter movies…who gives a fuck about a stupid outtake of a kid on set!! But yet this is what gets air time…where are the important world issues or even the fact that Emma Watson gave a speech at the U.N.  ( she is a goodwill ambassador on equal rights) for International woman’s day….but Emma Watson has so little to say she only spoke for 5 mins. And she wants to be then taken seriously !!!! I could not take her seriously enough to let her make me a cup of coffee. Emma there is life after HARRY POTTER please go out to try and find it….because now you are just annoying

It’s INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY and the great  news is that Yves saint Laurent have been asked to remove posters of very thin and unhealthy looking models in both Paris and London. I think this is great as I ‘ve noticed a trend creeping in to the fashion industry of stick thin female models or even worse yet getting 14 year olds to wear clothes that are aimed at older women thus forcing women into body insecurities and size issues. 120 complaints were registered within days of the advertising campaign starting…and I say well done to any body who complained to Yeves saint Laurent… starving models just ain’t sexy.

Wikileaks has now started to distribute hacking software for trying to hack the CIA….are you fucking kidding me!!! If your not a computer genius and cover your tracks, the CIA will be up your ass with a hot poker so basically don’t fucking try to hack the CIA….!!! The CIA are still trying to find the person who did the leaks….so they are really going to fuck you up if they think you a hacker…wikileaks is great but please don’t play at being a cyber spy!!

IVANKA TRUMP’ S fashion label has recorded record highs in sales for the first quarter of 2017….this with shops cancelling orders and refuseing to carry her brand because her father Donald trump was elected president. But even after her stepping away from the company in order to help and support President TRUMP  , IVANKA had shops still cancel orders but this lead to an upsurge in online sales. So in other words these so called leftie trendie shops thinking they will effect IVANKA TRUMP have caused the opposite effect as by cutting out the middle man people can now buy cheaper online from IVANKA’S official website. I love it…. refusing to sell something because you don’t the companies daddy is nonsense…you stock what sells….we at 187 say well done IVANKA TRUMP.


So until tomorrow guys and gals…you suck Emma Watson….

Love you all guys and gals 

Love all guys and gals 

Here’s a woman I respect and admire…she is one of the main reasons I set up 187….. Jenna Jameson…

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