Cars like people give off a vibe…take my cars for instance…I drive a v8 range rover p38 4 litre and a mercedes s430 lwb. That kinda gives the impression of I like power and comfort….plus they look cool. So I took a look at the world’s most glamerous car show ….the Geneva car show and the only feeling I got from most of the cars was …..gayness or I suppose campness is a better word. It seems like car manufacturers are trying to out do themselves as to who can make the gayest looking car possible  and then convince people they need it. Like the idea of if you have your first child…you must now go out and buy this gay type of jeep /suv that at the slightest sign of gravel on the road gets the fear. Why does a family living in a city need four wheel drive that is such a bollox 4×4 system that a slight mist scares it…its fucking beyond me. Now let me get on to electric cars…. the inventor Teslar  built an electric car that is better than anything around today in 1932….so why didn’t it go into production…simple because if it went in to production…car companies could not fuck you over into believing you need a new car or shitbox suv every 6 months and as for modern day electric cars…let me point something out to all you converties . If I drove my v8 range rover and v8 mercedes all day every day for 80 years….I would still not make as much pollution as it does to make one battery for these electric cars ( most need 7 batteries or more)!!!! Think about that. Another thing that I can’t figure out is hyper cars ( the level above super car) first off they all look the same and this year at the Geneva motor show loads of celebrities signed up to buy these 24 speed, 240 mph gimp mobiles… except there is a problem….being rich doesn’t make a good driver and thus  hyper cars kill these idiots…oh wait maybe that’s the reason they make hyper cars…

What is the story with the “immortal wise tool ” leader of north Korea….he has started firing missiles into sea near Japan now  ( which has only just become it’s own military power again after decades of being under Americans protection….but now an ally  of America). North Korea is a fucking dump I’m sorry but someone has to say it….people are starving and the military comes before the people….nonsense. 

After KIM fuck heads latest temper tantrum….President TRUMP has ordered B1 and B52 bombers into South Korea that have nuclear carrying abilities. Now before all you leftie scum shout ” he is going to start a war….the sky is falling” like I presume “G” is now doing….ask yourself this. What else is President Trump going to do in order to help South Korea. If  President TRUMP doesn’t wave the big stick that means INTERNATIONAL boots need to go on the ground….please remember that the Korean war did not end in a decision…no it’s just on a break…look it up….scary.

Good old Katy Perry never really disappoints does she. Out of all the property for sale in California she picks one that is owned and maintained by a bunch of mad nuns. Nuns scare the shit outa me for obvious reasons and have basically told Katy Perry to ” go away and fuck off”. To make matters worst the nuns have now gotten the pope involved  ( who is also terrified of nuns) and he kinda said ” well ….fuck you  Katy Perry….the nuns don’t gotta sell you  shit”….thats the point and we here at 187 May be terrified of nuns but we gotta respect these nuns. Just because you are famous and rich doesn’t mean people have to sell you everything you want. It’s the rights of the seller to decide weather or  not they want to sell you something…not great business plan i know ….but none the less you can’t force someone to sell to you. So please Katy Perry take your money and fuck off somewhere else….i hear Syria is nice!

So until tomorrow guys and gals….in a transgender software computer program it was worked out that Hillary Clinton is even less likable as a man….Hahahahaha…

Love you all guys and gals….

Here’s Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine….the amazingly gorgeous…Sienna Guillory …

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