Some days I wake up and wish I hadn’t, the pain is terrible and then I ‘ve the great job of trying to figure out which bit of me is most sick….but then I check my messages. Most mornings my message inbox is packed with people who need help of some sort and then I realise why I do what I do. It don’t matter if my body gives up and I die…187 will live forever now as people are learning to help each other.

This is where KIM Kardashian and kanye dickhead West come in. Picture this….you become a z list celebrity and start to get invited to rich assholes parties. You can’t act, you can’t sing, have no skill of any kind….what do you do to stay a z list celebrity and keep in lime light….you pay. So you ‘re making money from going to events but paying money to be invited to the event in the first place….well you ‘re money is going to disappear pretty dam fast. I always thought this about the KIM Kardashian and kanye West thing but I’m even more sure now that they are asset rich and cash poor after this week.

So we all remember kanye West being locked up in the nut house ya….tbh I felt nothing other than monsense bout it at the time and anyway….fuck KIM Kardashian…..but it turns out that her reaction to the phone call telling her they found her husband’s brain….was all recorded on film as they were making that shit show shes in ( “keeping it up while you are with a KARDASHIAN” I think it’s callef)at the time. In other words if dickhead had gotten locked away now…no cameras where around to  to catch it. KIM KARDASHIAN broke down crying and said a load of dim witted bollox and rushed to the hospital. The “E” channel were considering cancelling the show….she had to do something…but this shit insults people with real mental health  issues.

Then there is the time dickhead said he was broke and got fans to send money to him….its all starting to add up. But for me how sad is your life when all you think about 24 / 7 is how to stay known. No one wants to see another sex tape because let’s face it kanye West is just an ugly man and KIM Kardashian is a huffer who the world has seen naked so often that it’s strange to picture her with clothes on.

This is the price of fame. It’s something ed sherran said during the week that stuck with me. ED SHERRAN  said he had shagged a few of the Taylor swift squad  ( I’d say ed jerked off thinking bout  them and his hand was in the squad too…but didn’t Jamie fuck the life outa….) but what ed sherran said was ” Taylor swifts life is celebrity ” …how sad is that. People only love you when your winning or on top…what happens to celebrities when they not wanted no more…it must be awful…. loads of money but social leaper. 

This is why I say be careful what you wish for. 10 years ago I would have said ” ya I’d like to be famous and make loads of money, date models, drive fast cars ….oh wait I have all that just without the money. So now I look  at entertainment industry as ” fuck you pay me”. You guys and gals are better than these losers because you see life for what it is these celebrities only see the fakness. ” only a fool here thinks he has anything to prove”

So until tomorrow guys and gals…sorry I gotta go feeling very tired and unwell today and when god says bed you  go to bed.

Love you all guys and gals….

Here’s a woman I think is just plain stunning….kate Hudson


  1. Humans can can be so evil cruel and tough and just plain nasty and when peoples livelyhood and lives are on the line and that’s not a good sign when people sqable


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