What is the story with Lindsay Lohan….i mean she had the world at her feet, America’s sweetheart and she fucks it all up by just being a tool. I think it’s the need to be talked about that pushed her to do some of the stupid shit she did ….shur even lately she walked through Heathrow  airport with a hijab and big sunglasses on ( honestly she looked like a nutter) and then came out saying ” I’m not a Muslim I just like wearing the hijab and I ‘ve been racially profiled because of it” …did you read anything in the news or hear anything about it….no….because no one gives a shit about LINDSAY LOHAN. 

Her last movie she played an auld slapper who would give you the ride for a bottle of breezer and a path on the ass  ( no it’s not her life story) and now she opens night clubs  in fucking Greece…its not like they ‘re short night clubs in Greece. Greek women are stunning but will kill you but if you visiting Greece as a guy you won’t pull a Greek woman anyway because there is so many slappers from every corner of world there willing to blow you because they like your shirt.. .you don’t need LINDSAY LOHAN ‘S club. But it’s sad because I really like LINDSAY LOHAN she’s a beautiful woman who can’t accept that the high water mark has been reached in her life and its down hill from here . 

Paris Hilton is rich. Paris Hilton is sexy ( kinda) Paris Hilton has been treated for std’s…..what more do I need to say. She could very quietly take over the running of the hotel chain and be a woman other women could look up to and respect but…no  she decides to make a sex tape with some guy with a tiny Willy….shag anything that moves and generally be a fucking idiot.

Here again the world lay at her feet but she said no I’d rather be talked about or be in the lime light….but ask yourself if you ‘re opening a night club… resteraunt ….or anything do you really want the car wreck of Paris Hilton at your event …i fucking don’t. First off she carries no money so who pays the bill, she ‘ll expect to be treated like a queen and then make a show of herself by falling and flashing some bit of her we ‘ve all seen 100 times. She has A list money but Z list class.

Then we come to TORI SPELLING.  Dear God what happened to her. Her father is Aaron SPELLING who made all those teenage shows in the 80s and 90s…inc Beverly hills 90210  which TORI SPELLING was in. I always thought she was hot but once the show was finished she couldn’t get parts because well she sucks at acting but there was so many  things open to her because she was independently wealthy and had her father to back her so she could have done anything but… again like the other two she decides to cling on with her finger nails to fame by doing reality show after reality show. I feel sorry for her she needs the attention but the world moves on.

Think about your favourite singer or actor….then think about them not being photographed at stupid parties or openings or whatever. You forget about them and they can’t cope with that….that is they ‘re weakness. The attention is what’s more important to them than the money….its sad. Sorry celebrities you don’t get respect from me or 187 because you famous. 

So until tomorrow guys and gals….remember when you look in the mirror you are worth 10 of those loser asshole celebrities 

Love you all guys and gals…

Here’s the beautiful…….. MISS LINDSAY LOHAN ….

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