Of all president TRUMP haters the most stupid and ignorant I come across to date  is Snoop dog. In his new video he pretends to shoot a clown dressed up as President TRUMP…..where does he get off. He openly raps about selling drugs, pimping out women, shoot people and generally being a fucking scum bag or as he prefers to be known as” gangster”. So what do you do when you are no longer wanted for reality tv and basically nobody takes you seriously….jump on the bandwagon of politics of course.” Pop a cap in his ass” is  that what you think snoop…..i wonder did tupac pop something else in your ass snoop. I’m sick of these guys I used to respect snoop dog but now he is just on par with Madonna as a fucking has been trying to claw back into the news by doing stupid shit….maybe Madonna will give snoop dog head on some shit reality show and Ashley Judd can write a fucked up poem about it…. bet they will tale that as an idea for a show..thats how stupid things have gotten.

President TRUMP is doing something that Obama never did….he is reaching out to meet people personally rather than going on shit shows like Saturday night live and getting everyone to like him. Obama was just a miserable bastard who lied openly about Obama care but still just wanted everyone to like him…thats all he cared about. You can’t be all things to all people. Not everyone is going to like you. President TRUMP knows this and cares more about getting the job done rather than being liked…thats the mark of a great man. President TRUMP walks out on the main stream media interviews or cancels conference or just plain speaks his mind because let’s face it who cares about the main stream media news anymore. Just look at they ‘re approval rate…6%!!! I care about things being done and President TRUMP is doing them.

Who the fuck does the president of Turkey think he is by screaming ” the Netherlands will pay” for stopping his ministers try to drum up support for a Turkish referendum. This is the same mother fucker that allows so called refugees into Europe but none are Christian. Same fucker who allowed the Kurds do all the fighting against ISIS in Syria and then has the neck to want an E.U. state “to pay” for  not allowing a bunch of fucking nutters scream about a domestic  issue that has nothing to do with the Netherlands…..what that’s called,you ignornant bastard is …a riot. I will make myself 100% clear…I do not want Turkey in the E.U…. I don’t trust them and they have jack shit to offer Europe….so Mr president of Turkey…sort your shit hole nation out and then talk to the world…and well done to the Netherlands for having guts to not fall into the racism scare of “your against muslims”. Also on that note Sweden is now sick of Muslim refugees….why….well because the male ( army age ) Muslims have mass raped Swedish women ( calling them white donkeys)and then play ” your racist” card when attested. Try that shit near a 187 supporter I dare you I fucking double dare you…. we don’t give a shit if your Muslim.. ..we don’t care what you are…if you caught trying to rape a woman….well I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes . And it’s hard to shout ” anti muslim” while trying to pick up your teeth.  I can not stand rapists….. all these pictures are Sweden and crimes by male Muslim refugees.

On a lighter note Nikki Minaj is still stupid. I ‘ve no idea what she is saying half the time but yesterday she wore a pink latex thing with a fat arse and saggy boobs. Sorry guys and gals im just not a fan. I like women who are real,intelligent and i respect not some tool who makes up her own language and who’s implants are more intelligent than she is. And by the way wtf is Drake???,

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..dont be afraid to be called a racist if you see something  that’s openly wrong being done it makes no difference what religion or race the wrong doer is and most of the time they are racist against you first off…white women are not white donkeys… id rather be called a racist 100 times to stop one attack on a woman…

Love you all guys and gals….

Here’s Anne Bonnie ( the real Anne Bonnie was a serious bad ass) herself they stunning…Clara Paget

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