Today I’m angry….im so sick of reading the news about another scumbag after attacking and killing a woman. The latest story that has me pissed off is of a miserable scumbag bastard called Matthew Williams in the U.K. who stabbed a woman to death with a screw driver to the head and then started to eat or lick or something  this poor womans face in halfway house in the U.k.. There is an up side to this story …..this miserable piece of shit died when teaser by police…all I ‘ve to say is excellent, I hope you rot in hell fucker.

Don’t one of you leftie trendie scum dare try and come out about “his mental issues ” and “life history” or ” rights ” ….where were the womans rights and this guy killed her two weeks after he got out of prison where his ” mental issues” were proven to be drug related. So get this through you ‘re fucking thick stupid leftie trendie heads…this guy fucked his own head up with drugs. Why am I so angry…..well let me put it this way… from all over the world, 187 gets messages and calls from women who have been cut on the face with knives or had acid thrown on them or the new popular one is biting noses off….all of these crimes are done by scumbag men who want to show ” I marked the bitch so no one else will have her”….what does 187 do….the best we can and everything we can to help the victims…but the deed has been done at this stage…so it’s her who has to live with the marks for life.

The scumbag bastard then gets sent to prison at a cost of €70k ($74k) per year and he has rights in prison…not just basic human rights but real rights so you as a decent tax payer in paying to feed, cloth, and house a worthless piece of shit who is usually proud of his attack on the woman. Does he get dealt with in prison…no…because who are his fellow inmates…more scumbags!!! It’s sickening!!! Least this guy in England got what he deserved….the same thing he did …..death. All the following women were attacked by scumbag men.

The Turkish foreign minister has said Europe is  heading for a religious war. Why…guess… Muslim men of army age come to Europe rape and kill white women just because they ‘re white. Muslims want European countries to change all they ‘re cultures to Islamic culture because they don’t like how it is when they arrive.  Every culture is welcome in Europe…if Muslims respect European cultures….europeans respect Islamic cultures, everyone gets along….but if you think for one fucking second you can arrive in a European country and then demand our culture wiped out or our women put in danger or you can riot….your fucking wrong…if Islam  wants a religious war  It will be Muslims who start it but it will be us non Muslims who don’t roll over who will finish it….so bring it!!! 187 is tired of the kid gloves….we would like to live with people rather than fight them but don’t make the mistake of judging that as weakness.

Angelina Jolie and her son got a private tour of Buckingham palace while in London. Earlier in the day she gave a lecture at the London school of economics….why….fuck knows. I can think of no one more useless to give a lecture on economics. She was born rich, is rich, and lives in a celebrity driven world of bullshit. U.N. ambassador my arse just at the miserable heads on the pair of them as they leave the private tour of Buckingham palace….its the look of ” is that it” or ” oh I could buy that”….you know what …fuck you Angelina Jolie and the horse you rode in on.

Finally did you ever wonder where Megan fox went too….well she fucked up her own career by telling nazi jokes on set when one of the producers parents were killed in the holocaust! He fired her ass and well done to him…..but it seems that we must forget all this because she has relaunched her career in a sexy photo shoot….I hope Hollywood does not forget and not should they.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..if your offended by anything I ‘ve said today….well…. FUCK YOU, 187 LAYS DOWN FOR NO ONE…..

Love you all guys and gals…..

Here’s a beautiful woman who just seems to get hotter with age…Robin Wright 

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