” THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH ” where are we heading???

What was the reason for my absence for the last two days, well my head gave up on me ….why….the news this week was enough too push me over edge. I can’t believe that snoop dog is allowed to point a gun at a meme of President TRUMP.. .and the media HAIL it as a great thing. Snoop dog also called for the killing of cops….does anyone remember the out cry when ICE T sang ” cop killer” but no out cry for snoop dog

Then we come to Bow Wow  ( snoop dogs nephew or lover or something) this miserable piece of shit comes out and says he is so good at pimping that he would love kidnap the first lady Melania  Trump and put her into sex slavery and kill her when she’s “used up”. The main stream media thought this was a brilliant idea and praised this little bastard for saying this. It’s fucking awful.

But let me tell you something about snoop dog….he had a car buildt for him on some shit show and he said all the rizzle drizzle shit and talked about his perm….but couldn’t pay for the car…i shit you not….snoop is such a cool guy he is fucking broke. So to try and get sales for his new album he had to get political….he is just a washed up loser who says he ‘ll pop a cap in anyone’s ass who speaks against him. Well snoop here I am….kill me!!!! Porta Gregor don’t run nor does 187 so fuck you!!!

As for Bow Wow….i can’t name any of his songs but I remember him on mtv cribs. So he is showing the crew around “his” house…..except he didn’t know his way around his own house….in otherwords it was rented for the day and he probably slept in his car. Speaking of cars….bow wow then went out to show off his ” rides” except he had to check the back of the cars to see what they were and the rental company guys were still dropping off the cars….what a loser.

But what I can’t understand is people like an ex friend “G” a woman…fights for women’s rights and I respect her views….but where are you….why are you not condemning this shit about selling a woman into sex slavery….or killing over political views!!! Do you hate president TRUMP so much that you will let this pass. Shame on you and shame on all women who don’t condemn this Bow Wow prick.

If a miserable scumbag bastard said that about my wife or girlfriend….he would not say much else for a long time and if his uncle made a video of pretending to kill me….well I ‘ve the right to defend myself and why is it I know I would make snoop dog and bow wow cry uncle. I’m a man ….a real man…laugh if you want…a real man does not even think about selling a woman into sex slavery nor does he pretend to kill people on a video to scare them….. real men like me kick the asses of scumbags like snoop dog and bow wow…..so fuck both of ye and the guys he rode in on.

I ain’t forgot about you Madonna.. …she wants to blow up the white house, another washed up idiot looking for press time. The only thing Madonna will blow is goats.

I come out of my depression with a new fire…if you thought we were well into the fight we ‘re not….Porta Gregor and 187 is only getting started and you will need to kill the idea of us to stop us….you can not kill an idea. The world is heading to the abyss …help 187  stop it

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..for 187 the world is not enough but it’s a perfect place to start….

Love you all guys and gals….

Here’s another future ex-wife of mine ( yes I adore eastern European and Russian women for they ‘re style, beauty, Grace and madness…having almost married an Irish girl who thought style was turning down the top of her wellies…i think I’m a good judge)…. Olga Kurylenko

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