Well it seems there has been another terror attack in the U.K. this time at Westminster  outside government offices. The house of commons was also in session. The terrorist stabbed a police officer and it’s not clear as to weather the terrorist is dead but he has been shot. Is it just me or are these attacks getting bolder and bolder…..i mean how far did this dick head think he was going get….at the house of commons….idiot. session was suspended and all M.P.’s gotten  to safety. This happens as yet another tool tried to run at the white house by slipping through the fence. There is a reason that there is a perfect grass in front of the white house….because it’s fake and full of land mines that be activated from inside the white house….but yet another dickhead has an auld go at running at the white house. Speaking of dicks and head…a woman no stranger to a dick ” jordan” ) katie price)tweeted that she was right next Westminster when the stabbing /shooting happened….maybe the terrorist was just trying to warn people that “Jordan ” close by and was trying to have intercourse with something…anything…”save yourselves it’s katie price ”

Charlie Sheen has said that loads of other big name Hollywood stars are also HIV  positive and that they won’t give out they ‘re names or come out like he did. It’s pretty worrying because we all want to jump in the sack with a Hollywood star weather it be male or female ( whatever tickles your fancy) but would you put your life on the line for a one nighter? I ‘ll give you an example…. I love LINDSAY LOHAN I would so love to spend a week in bed with her ….but Charlie Sheen admitted today he had unprotected sex with her while he knew he was HIV POSITIVE ….so I’m sorry LINDSAY LOHAN…i ‘ll pass if you don’t mind…i like living.

The leader of North Korea who I’m just going to call ” el tool head” yesterday brought out a short film where he blows up an American aircraft carrier with a nuclear bomb or rocket and jumps around the place screaming ” death to America ” why….well I don’t really know….north Korea is a fucking dump and would be wiped out by America if they went to war so why he just doesn’t shut his hole is beyond me. But today ” el tool head” went a step further by testing yet another missile….except it didn’t work too good  and blew up the whole fucking missile base. North Korea doesn’t need to go to war with America to be destroyed just leave “el tool head” work away and he ‘ll wipe country out himself.

Finally some loser from X factor is sueing  Ed Sheeran  for $20million for ed copying his version of a Marvin Gaye song….i know it makes no sense to me either, both the x factor gimp and ed suck and they should be delighted to be mentioned in the same sentence as  the great Marvin Gaye ( even if it is to be sued). I hope the x factor gimp wins that case because Ed sheeran makes me wanna puke but i hope in turn all the money goes to Marvin Gaye’s  family so that way both ed sheeran and x factor gimp lose out.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….beware of el tool head and LINDSAY LOHAN….

Love you all guys and gals…

Here’s a woman who I had forgotten just how unbelievably sexy, beautiful, gorgeous and just down right hot she was…Bai Ling… ( omg…shes so hot)

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