You just can’t top Tom Cruise can you….he jumps around the place like a chimp on crack when he goes on Oprah ,all his wives left him when they became 33 ( I shit you not….all 3 of his wives were 33 when they left him) well now the crazy bastard has his eyes set on a 28 year old girl we featured here…the beautiful Vanessa Kirby. I feel so sorry for this beautiful girl because let’s face it your career will be fucked for 10 years if you date this clown and you ‘ll need another 10 years of therapy to get that scientology bullshit out of your head. Unfortunately girls look at Tom cruise the actor and think he is like that in real life after a month or so the penny drops and it dawns on them ” hey wait Tom cruise is a fucking idiot….but everyone now knows who I am now… delemia  ” ….i hope Vanessa Kirby does what Penelope Cruz  did…fuck him…have some fun….use him and then out the door.

Considering that Valimir Putin tells me what to have for breakfast….i think it’s nice of him to let Marine Le Pen know that he won’t interfere in the French election….just like Russia has not interfered in any election. I wish they would interfere in the Irish elections because maybe the then we won’t end up with a government full of guys who just crawled out of the  arse end of a bog or are cross dressers  ( honestly it is that bad here). So Putin is meeting the future leaders of Europe…but the “I’m with her” crowd are of course saying it’s all a fix by Putin….im also working for Putin as ambassador to North Korea….honestly.

How many bodies will it take for people to wake up to radical Islam. Smiley faces all over Twitter saying how great it is to the killings in london. I’m sick of this. The only thing that these motherfuckers are doing is making us hate radical Islam more. How long do you think it will take for non Muslims to get so pissed off that they will kick your ass. I don’t care if you ‘re white, black, brown ,yellow or a little green man from mars ,….if I see you trying to attack or rape a woman … I will kick your fucking ass and if you scream racist at me …I will beat you even harder because I fucking hate rapists and men who think they ‘re better than women…fuck you ‘re culture, fuck you ‘re religion most of all fuck you….men and women are equal and if me saying that makes me a racist..well come and tell me to my face motherfucker. As it stands at the moment most white women raped or attacked in Europe is by Muslim men of military age ( in other words cowards). And then you have ” #notallmuslims” trying to say that not all Muslims support radical Islam….well if #notallmuslims are claiming this and that Islam is a religion of peace…sort your shit out and deal with these radical lone wolves doing killings of Europeans….or us non Muslims who don’t fear you will sort it out and then it ‘ll be everyone painted with same brush” radical Islam is asking for this so the peaceful Muslims better get they ‘re shit together. I know that 95% of Islam is peaceful but if you don’t sort out the 5% of wackos ….then you are no better than them….and then 100% of Muslims will have no where to turn and no one will want to listen , I would rather live next to men than kill them but….we non Muslims are sick of you coming to our counties and taking a giant shit on our culture and religions because you think it is a weakness that we respect the Islamic culture…..but how many times you fuckers going to cry wolf…..

Finally the Ukraine have said no to Russia entering the Eurovision because of the the on going war….as you ‘ve guessed Ukraine are the hosts ( of the war and Eurovision). I’m not going to get involved in weather They should allow Russia in or not but both sides should take a look at who’s winning out of the war….scum like Macaine and George Soros  ( who openly admits to bringing down the elected government of Ukraine) there is room here for peace guys and gals….dont let pricks Macain and Soros be the winners

So until tomorrow guys and gals….watch out girls the miget Tom Cruise is looking for love….

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the hottest girl ever to come out of summer bay….Isabel Lucas

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