What is culture? To some it’s nothing,to others it is something to die for and kill for. What is religion? In the end it comes down to what you believe in your heart…nothing more or less but people world wide will die and kill for religion…now combine the two…culture and religion. To the people that neither word means anything too well putting them together will make no difference but to those who would die and kill for either word you now have a fanatic because his /her way of life ( culture) is now mixed with his / her  beliefs  ( religion). But here’s what I think about culture and religion….let each man to his own and if the two never bother either party then there is no problem….. I ‘LL respect yours and you respect mine. Let our cultures and religions be a smile on a dog. 

But what if they can’t live with the mix of culture and religion. Where pne mans religion calls for the over throwing of yours and you ‘re places of worship burnt and his religion forced on you weather you like it or not. Then there is his culture where a 12 year old is called a woman and can be married off, women sold as sex slaves, its ok to have anal sex with a boy until he becomes a man then it’s wrong. It’s ok to attack and rape the women of your culture because they said so and your a racist if you don’t agree. I’m sorry I don’t see the religion or culture here.

I ‘ll deal with religion tomorrow  but today I want deal with culture. In my hometown we have a wanna be model who fucked up her own career by going to far in an article….it went porn basically….nothing wrong with that just the article she wrote/did  was for the wrong market so she killed her career herself. Now in my ” small inbred hillbilly red neck mountain town” we ‘ve had to take in alot of Syrian ” refugees “. Personally I don’t give a fuck, yes the guys group together and look at you like complete creeps but I am an Irishman who wears Stetsons and new rock cowboy boots so maybe in they ‘re culture that’s they ‘re way of saying “dam that guy is cool” but anyway back to our story. So the Syrians arrive what do you think the stupid model does …..rushs out to where they are staying and gets a load of selfies of herself with the Syrians  and nice photos of these poor Islamic people and how wonderful they culture is…..there it  is again ….culture. So a year goes by, local businesses have had problems with these people, they re ” wonderful culture ” ain’t so wonderful when they calling Irish women “white donkeys ” ( ya I ‘ve had to call a few guys out on this….and they re all the same unless they out number you ten to one they back down) ….slowly the model took down the photos, deleted the social media about the wonderful culture and so on….but that’s all she did. No saying ” hey you can’t speak to Irish women that  way”….or … ” what the fuck are you looking at motherfuckers “….or …. ” why is your culture better than ours….you fucking came here dickhead”. But there is none of this Irish  (and western people in general) won’t say anything in case they “offend ” they ‘re culture. I want to ask you one thing ….where is the culture in a white woman being beaten and held down my 4 Muslim men and being gang raped before being killed all of which is recorded on a phone for these sick fucks to enjoy!!!! Do I worry about insulting that culture ….no….i piss on that culture if that’s what you call culture. People need to do alot more than just now taking down posts….this fucking shit must stop.

I don’t care what anyone says….a 33 year old man who marrys a 12 year old girl and then gets into bed to have sex with her….thats not his culture….he is a fucking child molester….let me say that again….HE IS A FUCKING CHILD MOLESTER !!!! Anyone who defends this as part of ” they re  culture” can go kiss my ass. This child bride shit is just an excuse for sick weirdos to legally get they ‘re hands on a child to rape and kill then get another. Please stop calling this shit culture….there is no culture here.

All over non Islamic countries ( which are being  forced to welcome in “refugees “) the law and the state will sooner stand on the side of the Islamic males in a crime rather than defend they ‘re own country people…why….because they are afraid they might upset they ‘re culture.  So basically these ” refugees ” are allowed rape white women, kill white women , attack white men and women, abuse white men and women because “it’s part of they ‘re culture”…this is happening all the way across Europe. Fuck this shit.

I’m Porta Gregor and I run “187” and we say no!!! There is no motherfucking culture in the shit that is happening now, and all these groups saying ” it’s in they ‘re culture” better fucking wake up….Europe is sick of this. Here at 187 we would rather live beside men in peace than have to fight them… but don’t you dare think for one second that that’s a weakness. If you want to visit another country obey the laws not try to inflict your own. Porta Gregor and 187 say we won’t allow our children be molested by some creep fished out of the Mediterranean, that we won’t allow our women to be be attacked raped and killed. Porta Gregor and 187 say yes you can come here but fuck with us you can’t.

Unfortunately there will be loads of who people read this and think ” he can’t say that”….well I just did. Europe is tired of this onslaught being forced on us by the E.U, the U.N. and every other do gooder group….to these people I ask ….why ain’t the Christian Refugees being allowed to leave Syria and enter Europe. What happens when Europe becomes tired….it gets angry..and then out come the old hates that Islam has nothing to do with and suddenly it’s war. I don’t want war… I want all cultures to live peacefully side by side the rights and laws of what ever country to be respected. But war is being forced on us for no reason and it makes me sad… but not sad enough to stop helping people defend themselves or stop teaching woman what to do when they in fear…honestly fuck your culture because we also help Muslim women too. So think about this….while these sick fucks are out attacking and raping… Porta Gregor and 187 are giving advise to the women of your culture on how to get the fuck away for you shitheads or cut your balls off in your sleep….irony.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…. tomorrow we look at religion. ..

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s a beautiful woman who I think is a lesbian but if she married me I’d allow her to continue her lesbian ways as long as she shared….i give you the most beautiful machine ever…. Kristanna Loken 

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