To some people finding religion can be the greatest thing in the world…others it can be that final step into the abyss of madness… I can only talk about my personal experience. I’m a Catholic/ carter/ who has been born again, in other words I’m a guy with too much time on my hands that has studied religion pretty deeply and come out the other side with any idea of himself.

So what does that mean….well it means I keep an open mind. I believe god weather male or female ( most of the time I think it’s a woman tbh) but I believe in something greater than ourselves. I can talk to god when I want I try to make the right decisions and do the right thing ( very important to me because when I meet god I can’t say ” at the time it wasn’t convenient to do the right thing) and basically I’m happy with what I ‘ve found. Yes I’m a Christian , a Catholic, a Gnostic and a born again…but I don’t follow a regiment….i don’t believe religion should be forced on people at certain times or a certain thing “has” to done and all that kinda stuff…religion should be custom to everyone and everyone is entitled to practice or do what they find is suitable to them. But then come the wackos

If your slightly unhinged  ( and I ‘ve seen this loads of times while sick in hospital) finding religion is one of the worst things that can happen. I ‘ve seen people go so crazy that they have to go to mass/church/temple/ mosic and so on at least 10 times a day or so much so that even the people running the house of worship are kinda saying to them ” could you please go away for one day…god was on the phone and saids your annoying the shit put him/her”

But all joking aside let’s say you feel the need to pray or go to your place of worship 24/7,that may be fine for you but some aspects of your life have to be losing out. I mean if you ‘ve a family , who is taking care of them, if you ‘ve a partner What the fuck are you going to tell them when they have to shoulder all the responsibilities in the relationship when your chatting with god… what about social life, what about life in general and so on….theres a saying ” if you’re talking to god that’s a good sign, if god is talking to you then you got problems “. That’s all I’m going say here because it’s up to each person to find a balance.

Now come the fanatics. How many people have been killed in the name of religion when it’s just an excuse by powerful people to make fear then war then make money from the war. Wars ain’t fought over religion they  are fought for money. Yes the pot is stired by religion but I ‘ll ask you this….say you are a religious fanatic  ( don’t matter what you believe…its you ‘re right to be what you are) and you don’t like what the guys in the next town are doing with they ‘re religion, so you ‘re sitting there pissed off and suddenly a path on the back comes from your friendly neighbourhood terrorist group and he tells you how great you are and how right you are. Suddenly your on your way to that town with a bomb strapped to your chest to kill everyone the next town. But here’s what you should be thinking….why ain’t the fucker at the top of the group don’t this shit, why am I the tool doing this ? How many others did they send out today….

The answer is money. Who do you think owns the building companies rebuilding the town. When your religion turns to bitterness then to being a fanatic.. ..your gone beyond god and religion. For me ( and I’m a strong believer) my god doesn’t ask me to kill anyone in his name or look at others as beneath me or in my state of worship I must have sex with a goat…. basically the god I believe in allows me to be the judge of right and wrong. But he/she also won’t allow me walk away when I see wrong being done to others….please bare that in mind….religion does not come without responsibility.

What am I trying to say with all this….let me put it this way say we ‘re all going to Sydney, Australia. Some of us will fly, some sail, some by train , drive , sail, fly and walk ….and different groups will go by different paths…but we all end up at Sydney Australia …right….thats how I see religion. We ‘re all going to the same place just our paths are different…so respect your neighbours right to choose his path.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….back to the news tomorrow…..

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s a  beautiful, stunning goddess from oz ( but for some reason she  picks the worst movies to act in….and thing is …she is a great actress)… I think she is so hot, wonderful and amazing …. so here  she is …the gorgeous ………Caitlin Stasey 

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