Ok so I’m a bit bias when it comes to these self drive cars…  I hate the idea of them. Because what happens if a tool crashes in to you and says “it’s in self drive mode dude …sorry” do you beat the shit outa him or the car… dilemma…. to much my stressed head so I guess just beat the shit out of everything and anything or….. just stay calm and get the insurance details might be a better idea.  But Uber  have cancelled all tests on its self drive cars after one of them crashed in America Yesterday. It seems that the self drive Volvo wasn’t in the wrong but come on let’s face it in an ideal world the self drive car is a great idea but this isn’t an ideal world….we have things like crack heads on the roads driving to get stoned or driving while stoned  or what about a dude getting head while driving ….how do you tell a self drive car to “watch out yer man is getting a blowjob in the car ahead of us”…and the car answers “what’s a blowjob “……and crash!!!! See what i mean.

People have a very short memory …. last week in Mosul a dude drove a bulldozer packed with explosives into a check point and killed 4 soldiers, destroyed a tank, a load of other hard skinned trucks and 4 humvees. Do you really think if you damage like this that there won’t be a response…. Unfortunately that response came yesterday in the form of a drone strike which did hit it’s target , a convoy of terrorists, bit it did also manage to kill 61 people. Of course last week’s bulldozer  bomber got about 2 inches of space in some papers none on most but because it’s a U.S. lead drone strike it’s all over News…yes innocent people were killed but unfortunately that’s war. Maybe if the wacko terrorists were pointed out and not hidden in communities there would be less of a chance of these accidents happening.

The above stike comes at a bad time as the 82nd airborne division have been deployed to outside Mosul but its only in a training and advise mission to aid Iraqi troops retake Mosul… But this should give you an idea of how bad it is there. While all this is going on internet giants like Google and Facebook refuse to take down ISIS  videos calling for ” lone wolf” attacks and also hiding ISIS  texts in WhatsApp. It’s fucking nuts….its like saying on one side how terrible terrorism is but on the other side aiding it….its insane.

I normally find Johnny Rotten to be an asshole at best of times but I ‘ve got to give him credit for this morning. He was on some shit breakfast tv show and he came out in support of brexit and President TRUMP. No matter what you think of brexit ( I personally think it’s a good idea…. Britain with have 10 hard years but then I think they will have the strongest economy in europe) the people have spoken and said “we want the fuck outa the European union ” and as for president TRUMP……again the people spoke so I’m glad someone has the guts to say this. Well done Johnny Rotten from 187 and Porta Gregor. 

For fuck sake can those Kardashians just fuck off with the bull shit. The mother Kardashian  ( you know….the auld one) said that it was the ghost of daddy Kardashian  ( not the guy who got his balls cut off….his name is Jenner…i think) that warned KIM Kardashian about the Paris robbery. But kim must be even thicker than everyone thinks because even with a ghost shouting at her she still got robbed by a bunch of old age pensioners. But the worrying thing is….there is now a Kardashian fucking ghost!! What a stupid family 
So until tomorrow guys and gals….ah fuck uber and ah fuck the Kardashian ghost…bastard.

Love you all guys and gals…

Here’s a woman that I can’t tell if I think she hot or not….you decide………….. miss ” I did it for the lols” herself ……..Caitlin Gerard….

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