Everyone knows we love Lindsay Lohan here at 187 and me Porta Gregor I do think I could have a chance with her….given a chance…but she is sliding  down the slippery slope of zed list celebrities. Lindsay Lohan is on holidays in Thailand at the moment and is posting in  all these pictures of herself being at “inner peace” but someone else is taking the pictures….its kinda sad that she has to do this kinda crap to get a little press time. Last month she landed at an airport with a head scarf on and then claimed that she was ” profiled” because of the head scarf and sunglases….are you kidding me….all the the security guard did was look at her passport and asked to see her face….what the fuck do you think he would do. Then a few days ago Lindsay Lohan posted a picture of herself with another headscarf on with the caption ” don’t judge a book by its cover” in both English and Arabic!!!! Why….I ve no idea… its just sad to see someone try to grab at anything in order to stay kinda around ish. Epic fail Lindsay Lohan….sorry.

In a very worrying development Russia has said that Europe is getting near nuclear war if America put nukes in France. I can see the point from both sides but both sides are forcing the other to be the strong man….and who’s going to back down from that fight. I live in Europe and I don’t wanna glow in the fucking dark so I hope a peace solution can be found here as there is room for a common ground. Meanwhile that crazy bastard in North KOREA  has done another fucking missile test….but this time he has pissed Japan off so much that they ‘re thinking bout hitting North Korea first to take out they re missiles. Why is that stupid nutter in North Korea doing all this shit or what does he hope to gain… fuck knows….to be honest I don’t think he knows himself but he just has to keep on trucking….kinda like a washed up celebrity who has a catch phrase….. but this nutters catch phrase is ” death to the west… death to the west ….and everyone else that ain’t North Korea ” …..wacko!!!

Riots have kicked off again Paris this time over the shooting dead by police of a Chinese man in front of his family. The man seems to have been having a row with a neighbour and police were called. The 56 year old Chinese man then decided to attack the police with a scissors and well …they shot him….can you blame them. The family and Chinese community claim he had the scissors in his hand because he was cutting fish…but how are police ment to know that the dude is cutting fish, in a city that has been racked by terrorist attacks and the police are armed ….well you don’t fucking come at the police with a scissors because they will kill you and they did. So the Chinese community are now rioting…. but I ‘ll ask you this, what if the row was between two French men….this wouldn’t even make headlines nor would there be riots….its pretty sad state we ‘re in ain’t it.

A sex robot of “Lara croft ” is soon to hit the shelves and I think gamers are jacking in they ‘re pants waiting for it. The thing has the lips of Angelina Jolie and will look like the character from the games. Ah I don’t really give a shit about this because I knew a few gamer nutters who would sit for 72 hours straight with no sleep to finish a game….so just imagine if one of these guys turned out to be a weird fucker ( well more weird)and puts a woman in a cage…poor girl would be there for years, so for these guys get they ‘re rocks off by sticking they ‘re dicks into a motorised piece of plastic and not look for a rape victim… I say  …. fuck it.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..dont let gaming ruin your sex life… or looking at these two images…gaming seems like a good idea…

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s a beautiful woman that is so unrated  and they manage to make her unsexy when on screen…we love her…the stunning…. Cobie Smulders

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