In Alabama a guy was arrested for being publicly intoxicated….so the sheriff’s department brought the guy off to jail but when they were bringing him away they noticed he was walking kinda funny. Then they noticed the smell because the dude shit his pants. Ok so the guy is drunk and well it happens  ( never happened to me but I know an alcoholic it happens to) but when this guy shit his pants he crapped out  a gun. I’m serious the dude crapped out a loaded gun. Now I can understand smuggling one into prison…..but this guy was out getting drunk….what the fuck was he doing with a gun up ass!!! Why not put it in his pocket….how did he fit the fucking thing up there…who goes to get drunk with a loaded gun up they ‘re ass. There is some sick weirdos out there. When the sheriff’s department were asked for a comment they said ” it happens ” !!!! That means it’s happened before….that means there is people out there going for a few drinks with guns up they ‘re ass.. …wtf!!!!

Ivanka TRUMP has finally gotten an official position in the white house. She has been named as a ” special adviser” to the president. This is a great move my President TRUMP because now she is official and is on equal par with other advisers. She is also not taking a wage. Now all you leftie trendie scum will say she’s this and that but I ask you this….while Monica was sucking Bill’s balls….dont you think he phoned Hilary to ask her advise on things ( she is more intelligent that him after all….i think..well maybe not)….President TRUMP has just make Ivankas position official. This comes as the first lady Melania Trump is pushing hard to get women rights more notice on the world stage a cause that I Porta Gregor and 187 support 100%.

It’s finally happened, the music world has gone insane …. guess who is headlining Glastonbury….Katy fucking Perry. No im serious…its Katy Perry…what the fuck is going on!!! It’s Glastonbury the music festival of all music festivals and they line up acts like Ed Sheeran and now fucking Katy Perry. It’s enough to make me wanna puke. I hope left shark turns up. Does she even sing at her gigs any more ????

Now I give celebrities a hard time and I make jokes about them but why Facebook won’t remove the “banter 18+” group is beyond me. I ‘ve had to deal with them and other “banter ” groups over cyber bullying and I ‘ll tell you from my experience with these people they are worthless pieces of shit. Fat sweaty cowards sitting in front of a computer trying to get “likes” from other inbred fucks who long ago gave up on washing. What are these “banter” groups….well they call themselves “dark humour” groups but they make memes of dead cops, beheadings, rape victims, child abuse …… any kind of sick shit that they can think of. If your a member of something like this I want you to know what mental picture comes to mind when decent people are thinking of you…if your a guy….its a fat loser with sweat marks under his tits and dirty white underwear sitting there rubbing his balls as another greese ball clicks like….if your a girl….all I ‘ll say is ….your the smelly whore at the parties that everyone avoids. “187” has gotten rid of almost 1300 of the fake accounts that these sick weirdos use……please please please report these memes if you come across them because there is nothing funny about rape!!!!

I had a dream last night about a girl who I really did love….but we ‘ve fallen out over the election last year ( of all fucking things) so ” G”  I miss you , I really do and I miss your friendship but we threw away 15 years of our friendship for what….nothing…just different views. I’m not blameless guys and gals and yes I have gone too far at times but I just wanna say real friends go beyond your views . If you fell out with someone you care about because of your views or they’re views…just make it up. “G” and I can’t.. .and I know she ‘ll see this at sometime…. I did love you “G”…..thats the sad thing and we ‘re both to blame

So until tomorrow guys and gals….dont stick a loaded gun up you ‘re ass…..

Love you all guys and gals…..

Here’s the beautiful woman who dated the weirdo…. Dakota Johnson 

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