Victoria Beckham really is a sad case, I mean not only are her clothes like something out of 1950s China, she now has to do the ” statement t-shirt”. She arrived at LAX and had a t shirt on saying ” fashion stole my smile” in a attempt to explain why she constantly looks like she sucking a lemon. I know your thinking it’s just a publicity stunt  ( and it is) but can you picture her on the plane getting het assistants to get the t shirt ready because there might be someone to see her at the airport and take a picture….how sad a life is that. Wear what you like when you like don’t be forced by public pressure. Vicky Becky was on also on that carpool show with the fat bastard doing her posh spice bit. But let me ask you this…. Victoria Beckham was an auld bitch back in the spice girl days too and she never smiled…so back then was it the black greyhound skirts that took away her smile…whats a greyhound skirt ….. well where is the greyhound at the races…an inch from the hare….shes posh alright or is it before she met Beckham she had a bit of posh in her alot. Don’t admire this woman….shes another rich washed up celebrity trying hard to relive her life though her kids. You has freedom …. a sad case like Victoria Beckham has nothing because she craves fame…..fame can be anyone’s and you don’t need to wear a stupid statement t shirt for any reason.

What the fuck is wrong with Venezuela….they have oil to export but yet the country is on brink of starvation for over a year. They were even killing cops to take they ‘re guns a few months back….i don’t get it.  But then that’s what happens when everyone in government is crupt. Each guy thinks he is the only one but when everyone is rapeing the country this is what happens. The supreme court took over virtual dictatorship powers today in order to try and stop the riots, the killings and starvation. But why is this not across your front page news….simple….fuck up the price of the oil from Venezuela…that way the price of oil in the gulf of Mexico goes up. Everything is a rich mans trick

Police in Connecticut  are about to pass a bill to use weaponised drones…..are they fucking nuts. The reason I say this is what happens if you step out side your door and this drone piece of shit shouts “freeze ….you are under arrest” so you ‘re there first of all wondering what your be arrested for and second  you wonder how a drone will arrest you….so not taking it too serious you reach for your phone….then bang …center mass shot from this drone and u are fucking dead. There is no reasoning with a robot….it can only do yes and no….once you take the human element out of the equation where is basic humanity. What if there is circumstances that a robot can’t under stand. Why are we rushing to remove humans from everything….self drive cars….computer controlled drones…jobs in factories…what happens the day A.I. writes a program that sees us as no use. Life is for the living not machines. 

Last night was pretty rough for me…health was fucked up and I was in very bad pain….but it made me see life in a new light. I had no one to call but I’m used to that but what about those who can’t cope with it….. I now know that 187 is the right thing help people.

To prove that being a celebrity ain’t all that great is some asshole who played the “red lion” in the power ranger tv series, he killed his room mate with a sword….a fucking sword. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter but I don’t know which is worst ….the fact he killed a dude with a sword or after working on a successful series he still lived in a rented apartment with a roommate.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….can she even smile…. is this her sex face…bet it is…

Love you all guys and gals…

Here’s the amazing, beautiful, sexy…..amanda seyfried 

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