There is some sad losers in the world that will do anything to stay famous. But remember that black dude from the hangover movies…the unfunny guy…he brought a kangaroo in chains on to the stage thinking it would be funny for the kangaroo to punch him. The poor animal was terrified and there is this fucking sad case jumping pulling on the chains of the kangaroo…. scareing the kangaroo even more. Let me tell you about Porta Gregor and 187…. we hate people who are cruel to animals, we hate big game hunters so much that the local villagers who take out rich assholes to shoot rare animals we feel there should be a season where decent people can turn up and burn the village to the ground where they live and put prices on the heads of the hunting guides ( which is illegal….do the crime so the time). Fair is fair….think we ‘re too harsh….fuck with us, tell us we ‘re wrong and tell us why it’s ok to kill rare animals for cash…tell us we ‘re waiting fuckers. So back to this black comedian with a kangaroo in chains. How did black slaves arrive in America…in chains….now this fucking idiot does the same thing to an animal he considers beneath him. So I say this…” Black lives matter”come out come out where ever you are….and condemn this piece of shit…..if you don’t well we will know that you stand for nothing. Oh the piece of shit comedian is Mike Epps … ( ya a fucking nobody)

President TRUMP has come out and said something that the loser Obama never would. President TRUMP said ” if China don’t stop North Korea, then we will” this comes after President TRUMP has been informed that North Korea could nuke America by 2020. China has massive influence over North Korea because let’s face it, North Korea is a fucking dump and without outside aid the whole country would turn into cannibals or zombies. But what the fuck is the great leader’s problem, he is moaning about “death to the west” but never says why. What a weird fucker. The U.N. has also not ruled out the use of nuclear weapons to deal with North Korea…..i don’t think anyone would really miss North Korea if they got nuked  but I do feel sorry for all the tigers that would be killed in a nuke attack…the population I don’t give a shit about….but for the sake of the tigers I hope a peaceful solution can be found.

Just breaking at the moment is that there has been a nail bomb attack on the metro in St Petersburg,Russia. So far 12 have been confirmed dead and 50 wounded. The reason for the attack is unclear but it looks like terrorism. What people forget is that there is alot of Islamic extremism terrorist groups in Russia. When in the 1990s the Soviet union  was breaking up, Chechen separatists tried to set up they ‘re own country but Russia refused and thus a nasty bitch of a war has be raging ever since. Most of these Chechen guys are Islamic. Remember the school where they set up bombs in the gym with the kids….yep that’s theses guys. The thing is Grozny the capital of Chechnya  is now like the Las Vegas of Russia, casinos , shows, pretty girls,basically a beautiful place that is making millions for the area…so what these fucking idiots want I ‘ve no idea because Chechnya could survive on it’s own.

I hate cheaters, I ‘ve only been cheated on once and the dirty bitch who did it looked at me with the raised lip as if to say ” ya so what”…..well a husband in Kenya got his own back on his cheating whore of a wife. He knew she was going out to meet her lover so he had a “juju” drink mixed up that is used to catch cheating wives….how… listen to this. So the dirty cheating whore unknowingly drinks the “juju” and fucks off out to fuck her lover. So great there is the bitch cheating on her husband fucking the other dude then suddenly she is stuck on yer man I mean dick locked and won’t move. That’s what the juju does it caused vaginal mussel spasms thus making the cheating whore and her lover stick together. So there they are stuck on each other ….with no phone in hotel room….so they wrap up in a sheet and kinda walk down the street to a pay phone to get medical help with everyone laughing at them. So they get the medical help apparently one injection sorts it out in 5 min. I wish i had some that juju when i was being cheated on except id say that auld bitch would have been stuck to half the town.

Finally Cara Delevingne has done something new with her hair. Yes the member of Taylor Swifts S.T.D. squad now has grey hair and looks ridiculous  but of course the press are saying it’s amazing. I shaved my balls today is that amazing.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….all you cheating whores better check for juju….

love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the hottest Viking ever….Katheryn Winnick

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