I thought they discovered Tupac living under a rock in Cuba  last year. Yes I believe that the ” not ” gay rap star is alive and kicking and just living the “not” gay lifestyle. The only reason the “not” gay rap star is in the news is because memorabilia from the “not ” gay rap stars life while he was “living” ( does that mean Tupac is a “not ” gay zombie) is being put up for sale despite three different court cases to  put a stop to the sale by a mysterious “not “gay man ( who could that be). The rap industry is full of cases like this because the rappers who most certainly are “not” gay tend to put they re money where they re mouth is like Little Wayne who is also “not” gay  ( i know a guy who has the same name but  thats because he has a 2inch willy…he is “not “gay either) so all these “not” gay rappers spend all they re money and then wonder ” where da money at”when they re broke. Did you know 50 cent filed for bankruptcy in 2015. So in a way I kinda feel sorry for thesr”not ” gay rappers  because everyone in that “not” gay industry tries to stab them in the lower back…..it must be hard trying to stay on a straight line with so many acts who all suck as good as these already worn out  rappers who have spent all they re money on “not” gay stuff. Take a look at images of Tupac back in the day and  you will that this “not ” gay rappers was under pressure from the “not” gay industry. Maybe that’s why Tupac became a” not” gay zombie. Remember “not ” gay.

I ‘ve been sick all my life and in and out of hospital alot and have  met my fair  share of weirdos that shouldn’t have been doctors but this sick fuck in America is the worst kind. He touchs up female patients and then texts them to find out which part of the examination they enjoyed most… who the fuck enjoys being examined by a fucking stranger weirdo!!!! When ever I sense a doctor is being a bit to weird or I get a bad vibe about him or her….i don’t discuss the medical problem I came to see them about  but I do take my cock and balls out and lean against the desk so the weirdo can have a good look…..” Mr Gregor what are you doing” and I answer ” showing you what you want to see….aint they beautiful doctor” then I tie up my jeans and wait for another appointment  witj my normal doctor . But these poor women couldn’t do that and the doctor in question was already on a code of ethics course because of other complaints….this scumbag should have been suspended while on the course…..but welcome to the who you  know world….well I ‘ve got this to say you know Porta Gregor and 187 and we will kick down doors and walls to help and protect you from these perverts…..you know a movement you ‘re not alone against these types of people 

The state department yesterday informed the U.N. that it will be withdrawing funding for the U.N. population control bill. I agree 100 % with the state department and president TRUMP on this because the fucking useless U.N. and the population control bill agrees with and aids countries that have the forced sterilisation of people deemed unfit to have kids for whatever reason. I fall into this category because of the illness I have and it ‘ll be a brave doctor or politician who comes  up to me and says I ‘ve been marked for sterilisation because  of my health ….  the last words the piece of shit would hear would me screaming ” ANTHRAX, HAM RADIO AND LIQUOR ” as i pull him though the door and the siege begins. But let’s look at the U.N., peace keepers don’t have bullets, when Rwanda was happening the U.N.  said there was no genocide in Rwanda but only acts of genocide, the difference between the two….if genocide was happening then the U.N. would have to send in troops to stop it but under acts of genocide troops don’t need to be deployed…..thats the kinda scum your dealing with. Rwanda would have been 100 times worse if it wasn’t for the brave Canadian troops who disobeyed direct orders from the U.N. to leave….they re last words to the U.N. before the killings started ” what about the people” no answer from U.N. now I don’t know about you but that’s a bunch of brave men and women there….another proud moment in the long history of the Canadian military. 

A mathador was speared in the throat on his debut….i think the fucker is dead or dying so congratulations to the bull. The bull was hurt and is recoving which is great news because when I see a shiny wanker dressed up like a gay dildo door to door sales man killing a bull with spears, Slowly and painfully  so as to entertain more fucking assholes … when the bull wins it fuck you. So we would all like to wish a speedy recovery to the mathador who was injured so that he can get back in ring with the same bull again….so this time the bull can finish the job…fucker.

Those fucking Kardashians, what a fake ass bunch of scum. I covered this before, when that fucking stupid bastard KAYNE WEST walked off the stage after 3 songs he rang that fat arsed bitch KIM Kardashian while the cameras for “keeping it up while with a Kardashian ” were there to capture the moment. I guess when you are a family of walking std’ s that no pharmacy could cure, you will do anything for cash. The fucking E.channel don’t pay them much and allow the scumbag Kardashian family make money from side benefits of the show. So you ‘ve gotta get drama, KIM KARDASHIAN IS so stupid said she didn’t know how to call 911 for another country to get help for her husband…..its fucking 112 you stupid bitch. But if Kanye West got locked up in Brazil they would be up his ass with a hot poker to sort him out…so I guess it’s for the best he went to the nut house in America. Kim Kardashian  is also still going on about the fucking robbery by the OAP’s…..”I thought they would rape me” KIM, luv, no one ever wants to rape you because I believe even with a condom on, the amount of weird shit you ‘ve been up to most guys fear that 4 days after having sex with you they ‘re dick would drop off. Then she said ” I saw the gun ….i thought they would kill me” here again I ‘ve gotta say that they brought the gun so they could shoot themselves incase KIM KARDASHIAN got loose and raped one of them. Please please please get this stupid fucking family off tv….im surprised that prick Obama didn’t eat dinner with them every night….scum attract scum….hey fuck you Obama, bow to that you fucker…..and fuck all you leftie trendie scum too. Ok rant over…..

So until tomorrow guys and gals ….. beware of “not” gay rappers and the std riddled Kardashian family

Love you all guys and gals….

Here’s the best reason for North Korea not to attack South Korea….this beautiful stunning sexy woman might break a nail….heres the South Korean goddess…..Yoon Eun Hye.

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