FACEBOOK have now seemed to have come up with an app that will tell you what is fake news. This is kinda freaky because there is people out there who will think this app works when in reality it’s just telling you what to read. From what I can gather about this shity app is that it generates fake stories and then news outlets that carry the fake stories are this fake news. But putting out fake stories to see who will go with them is bollox. Let me give you an example….there is a piece of shit living near me who came to us and told us he was dying of cancer but there was something weird about the way he told us so being decent people we said nothing bout it. But it turned out a week later that he had told others too and it was completely untrue  nothing wrong with the bastard what so ever, he was just being a bollox. So by the same rules Facebook are just being a bunch of fuckers trying to channel you into watching what they tell u…..dont let them….be free and chose  yourself what is fake or not.

Hilary Clinton has called for the bombing of Syria after the chemical attack during the week. It’s very easy to call for bombings and attacks when you ‘ve nothing to lose. I don’t like this kinda  ” I call for” or “I demand” bullshit because let’s face it she lost the fucking election. It’s President TRUMP’S decision to attack or do anything….and there’s Hilary jumping on the band wagon telling every one what she would do….hey Hillary fuck off.

While we ‘re talking about President TRUMP, he condemned the chemical attack and came short of calling for assad to be replaced. President TRUMP also bombed the shit outa Syria last night in missile strikes. But I ‘ll put things this way to you….assad , Russia and ISIS all knew that if chemical weapons were used in Syria that the U.N.and NATO would bomb the shit out of the whole country….so what would you do it you wanted the shit bombed out of Syria….set off a chemical bomb. Also I don’t think it was sarin  gas because one table spoon of sarin in the atmosphere  is enough to kill 100s of people. So I think it was a weaker chemical attack just to get a response from the west. This all comes when 149 migrants drowned in the Mediterranean fleeing Syria but honestly it this just a headline grabbing story because more than 149 people have died here because of super meth coming in to our country because our navy is too busy saving people in the Mediterranean than patrolling our coasts for drugs being imported.

So why does Pamela Anderson out do every one….because she is 49 and smoking hot. She has just done a lingerie photo shoot and dear god she is so hot. It shows that women can get hotter with age. I mean take a look at the the Taylor swift std squad and look at some of the women who are  in they re 40s…. I know which i would go for.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….fuck  you  Hilary 

Love you all guys and gals

Here’s the completely bat shit crazy but I still  think she’s hot…..Tila Tequila

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