Ok can someone please explain to me wtf is Drake and where did he crawl out of. He has been nominated for a load of awards at the billboard things but I have no clue who he is … he even a he… I’ve no idea. The usual bunch of losers have been nominated too, I know there is the other way of looking at it and saying ” well the most talented are nominated and you can’t help it being Beyonce the whole time” but seriously are you going to say that there is no better talent out there other than fucking Beyonce. Do these people ever get sick of going to path on the back award ceremonies ” oh look you ‘ve got 12 awards, I got 14 last year….and I heard once we we figure out what drake is he can be in our little club too”….. I just want to be in the background and say …” on a normal day Id  beat the crap out of all of ye….ah fuck it….its a normal day” and then the shit kickers come out….so much for my billboard award.

Yer man in North Korea is now saying he is ready for war if the USA don’t stop escalating they ‘re war games in the south China sea. But the tool in North Korea forgets that’s it’s him who is firing missiles at people, he is the guy throwing shapes about war….no body wants to invade North Korea because it’s a kip!!!! Ok let’s say by some twist of fate North Korea manages to take over the south…..what the fuck is yer man going to do with it. The southern economy is about one hundred times stronger than the North so if Korea is United under the North all the business will leave and tool head will have turned an entire country into a shit hole instead of just half a country. Does anyone even know what his over all goal is…. I mean usually when you go to war it’s for a reason…but this guy just seems to be an asshole. maybe they should give him a billboard award….might shut him up.

Why would you go to your wife’s job and shoot her….what kinda fucked up shit is that. In San Berndeno a guy was admitted to the special needs school, where his wife works, to see his wife and he just walked into the class room said nothing and shot her dead but in the process injured two students one of whom has died.  He then shot himself. There is always a reason to kill your husband or wife but you don’t do it because your not a fucked up asshole but why kill kids too. Where does the level of hate come from that you are willing to endanger kids to kill your wife. I don’t understand…..i just don’t understand this and I can’t find words to write about it.

Finally on a personal note …. I watched “rouge one: a star wars story ” today. Did I watch the wrong movie….because the thing I saw was a load of bollox. Is there a different movie coming out and this was a teaser ….a kinda ” if you don’t shut the fuck up we ‘ll make you watch this”. All these star wars weirdos running around raving about how great it was when I kept expecting the theme from “casino royal ” to come on and the dudes eye to start running blood. Ah i ve been sick for days i ll try and watch it again but if there is no ditties  in it this time,I swear I ‘ll go mad and I’m buying something from drake once I work out what it is you can buy from him/ it/her….ah fuck it.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….wtf is Drake 

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s yer one I was expecting to see in rouge one but didn’t because there was some other yoke in it…so jerk off in your  storm trooper suits guys because she does nothing for me…..Daisy Ridley

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