So we ‘re back….where were we, well let’s just say we all here at 187 were dealing with some particularly nasty people in order to help others. There is some fucked up nutters in the world but most are cowards who just want to dominate weaker people…but slowly PORTA GREGOR and 187 are turning the tide and with each success another person is helped. 

Right so Ed fucking Sheeran is back on more bullshit with more nonsense. He got another tattoo saying meaning to say” Galway girl” ( I hope the bastard ain’t covered the Steve Earl song) but instead of using his head for just a second he decided to let Saoise Ronan write it out before the tattoo guy did it. So this silly bitch ( who ain’t made a decent movie in years and cant spell) wrote ” Galway Grilll” on him and tattoo guy did it. This just a fucking stupid story of two losers trying to get in the papers by saying “look who i know” and “aint we funny The things we do” . Well no ye are fucking not….ye are just a pair of losers who need fame. I tell people daily do not admire these people because you are better than them. To prove this last week Ed Sheeran paid £20 million in royalty  rights to guys he stole a song from. He stole the song….how low is that. You might be thinking ” hey he lost a load of money….” but in reality no. The song made more than  £20million and the studio paying it over probably own the studio they are paying it too. That’s entertainment guys and gals.

That North Korean tool is at it again, this time he has made a movie of North Korea blowing up America. The country is as backward as fuck….the people starving and he decides ” hey a good use of state funds is…..lets make a movie of me blowing up America “. Why is this dude sabre rattling with his missiles….does anyone even know I ‘ve looked and it seems he just woke up one morning and said to the wife ” watch this baby I’m going piss every one off”.I have no idea weather I should be scared of the guys actions or just laugh.

In the United kingdom Teresa May has called an election for June 8th…..but I ‘ll be honest this  means nothing to me nor do I give a shit

In Fresno,39-year-old  Kori Ali Muhammad decided to open fire randomly at 4 people hitting 3. This comes only hours after the police identified him as the main suspect in the killing of a motel clerk last Thursday. He is an ISIS supporter and shouted Allah Akbar before shooting. Most Islamic people are good people I ‘ve said this before, unless the Islamic culture unites and throws out these fucking nutters there is no way to trust the Muslim community. That’s not being racist it’s just a fact. If you have a group of people and you know 1 is a killer but not which one….how can you trust anyone within that group. We here in the west are ment to take in more more Muslims without vetting and honestly I’m sick of it. What is wrong with doing a background check on someone who wants to live in your country. All the leftie trendie can kiss my ass…..if you want no vetting or control of refugees go explain  to the women who have raped, people attacked and families of those killed in terror attacks why no checks were done  because they didn’t want to offend the poor Islamic extremist .

Finally I ‘ve just recently seen “Rogue one ” and it’s just a money making nonsense movie. Are all the star wars stories now going to get sub movies to explain stuff that no one cares about. The only thing I want explained is what happened to Mark Hamils career after making 3 of the biggest movies in history back in the day…..oh wait I know it’s the fact that he is one of the worst most annoying actors ever and other directors saw this

So until tomorrow guys and gals….i might hate the movie but she has a great ass..

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the red woman…..the beautiful…Carice van Houten

187 is going war

“The coldest blood runs though my vains ….

You know my name…..”

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