Terror reigned on the Champs Elysees last night as gunman Karim Cheurfi  opened  fire on police killing one and seriously wounding two more police but also a female tourist who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The terrible thing about this attack is that this motherfucker was a known Islamic extremist , served 15 years in prison and was on the terrorist watchlist. 15 months ago a case was dropped against him for trying to buy guns due to lack of evidence. He opened up with an AK-47 on the Champs Elysees and was shot dead by police but in this piece of shits Audi was a pump action shotgun and knives meaning this asshole had one hell of a killing spree planned. Also in the Audi was a copy of the Koran and a letter saying he pleaded his life to ISIS… other words a fucking terrorist extremist wack job. But this brings the worrying question to light about the terrorist watchlist…… how long do you give a guy a chance. Lefty trendies will say you can’t put people on a list or arrest them for suspected terroristism. But where do you draw the line….personally I’d rather make a few mistakes and lock up high risk extremists. I hope Europe wakes up and puts new laws in place to deal with these wackos….. they want our help but then take a giant shit on the west…. I m tired of it.

Yesterday we asked where was that prick Obama well it turns out the fucker was in French Polynesia with….get this ….Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey.  I mean there is the target of all targets…..i mean Bruce Springsteen would be a lose but Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey…… Dear God it would be a benefit to mankind. So the prick Obama is back and will be giving a speech in Chicago soon. Obama is now a loser nobody but the prick will be paid $200k per speech he gives. Considering he talks about himself in all his speeches I hope not to many people invite him to speak . 

Finally today because I’m tired is that Kardashian tool again. I can’t believe she did this…. but for some advertising campaign  ( why would you  get KIM KARDASHIAN to advertise anything other than std treatments….. it’s like saying I want my business to fail) she is photographed as the Virgin Mary!!!! No not some random Mary living down the street saving herself for Elvis, I’m talking Jesus’s mother ….. the Virgin Mary. You could not find someone farther from a virgin than KIM Kardashian, I mean she has seen more cock than a dock side whore house. What does that make Kanye West? This is really insulting because if it had anything to do with Islam the world would be up in arms screaming racism but no, a few angry tweets and that’s it. Fucking Kardashians 

So until tomorrow guys and gals….. Let us remove the gloves and fight back….

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s a super hot woman that I wouldn’t touch with someone else’s Willy…why you ask….ah let’s face it she’s been down on everything bar the titanic but  guys and gals seem to love her……. the lovely miss ..Selena Gomez.

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