I drank… I mean I could have turned professional I was so good at it…till I got burned out from alcohol and now I can’t even look at a drink. But I’m seeing that it’s becoming more and more acceptable to see people passed out drunk on the street just as long as they didn’t do drugs or attack someone. But what about the effect this is having on younger people who see it as ok to pass out and piss and shit themselves self. I never got that bad but I ‘ve seen some people so wasted that they wake up in the hospital just from drink. When it comes to alcohol it has destroyed more lives than any drug has …. so why do we just accept this, well because we have seen the generation before us completely wasted and we want to prove that we can go harder. It’s like a right of passage but there is a down side ….. today the girls and tomorrow the guys.

Look it’s plain and simple girls if you get so drunk at a party or bar that you pass out chances are there is a pervert around who will rape you….. sick fucks are everywhere and just waiting for a chance to get a passed out girl. I can’t count the number of times I had to open a door with some guys head because he touched up a passed out girl….. it’s fucked up ….put a passed out vulnerable girl in front of pervert and then it’s done.

I can’t tell women not to party just in case a sick weirdo is around so all I can do is tell you bout three guys I know and they ‘re stories.

1. We ‘ll just call him scumbag. This guy is good looking to women but to be honest I just thought he was greese ball who smelled. What every  girl said about this guy was that when turned on he had a 2 inch Willy. He had all the chat up lines but within minutes a girl with half a brain could see through him and that he was an annoying fool. But he had a thing he did to get women that sickened me. He used to leave the bar at close to 2am ( closing time) and I always wondered where he went because I used be just annoyed that the bar was closing and i couldn’t get more drink so where the fuck was he off too. So one night pretending to be a pissed private detective…. I followed him. Guess where this sicko went…..to the nearest big night club….why at closing time…. because drunk girls on the point of passing out are leaving the club and there is this guy with an ” you ok girl”  or ” look you can sleep on my couch” and off he would carry the girl who either didn’t have money for a taxi, was to tired to walk or so pissed he sounded like a really nice guy. Once the girls were back at his apartment you can guess what happened some were even filmed and when I found this out i was sickened….. but yet no girl made a complaint to the police…. why …. well there is the shame of it and the fact the girls just wake up naked so prove it. I distanced myself from this guy after I found out what was going on but what can I do about it. He was a sexual predator  but  there was something even scarier about that night I saw him outside the club…… he wasn’t alone, there was a full collection of guys and girls just waiting for a victim. Guys and girls don’t put yourself in the position to be caught by one of these sickos.

2. We ‘ll just call this guy filth. This was someone who I thought was decent guy till I discovered the truth about him. He would be the guy who stayed sober at a party but pretended to be falling asleep drunk so he would go to one of the rooms in the house that he knew was a girls room…. then get into the bed and pretend to be asleep. Later that night the girl who owned the room would come in ….. if she soberish she would scream at him to get out and he would run away. But some girls would be so messy drunk that they just want to pass out and sleep….when this happened he would rape them. Straight up rape them….. by the morning he is gone and the girl wakes up to not knowing what happened or who he was. I don’t know where this guy is now but I know he is single and my age ( 37) so you can bet he is still doing this ….. losers like this guy can’t talk to women and look at them as something to use. This just shows that people are not safe in they ‘re own room.

3. PORTA GREGOR ….. no I didn’t attack a girl or sexually assault a passed out girl….. no I made the mistake of stepping in to what I thought was a rape. So this guy has a girl pinned down on the street and his pants down, her skirt was up Over her head and she was passed out. So I ripped him off her and dealt with him. But as if by a shot of heroin to the brain the girl sprung up and fucking stabbed me in the leg with a screw driver. She seemed to know the guy who was attacking her but she felt worse that I was beating the shit out of him. It was nuts….she knew what he had done to her  but felt sorry for him because I beat his ass. What did I learn that night…..if you got yourself in that state bitch it has nothing to do with me…. I don’t know you and I’m not getting stabbed again because you can’t drink. People are warned about the sickos and weirdos….so don’t put yourselves in the position where a pervert can get at you….. because they are out there….waiting.

Tomorrow we ‘ll look at the guys. Girls please don’t look at this as every guy is out to rape you and you can’t enjoy yourself with alcohol….. but if you pass out….. you can’t defend yourself….so don’t get to that level. I ve dealt with guys who have attacked girls…. sometimes the law can’t help and 187 is set up to teach people how to defend and protect themselves and we are winning against the perverts but people need to be sensible too….. don’t allow yourselves to fall into these positions, it’s your body….respect it because the sickos won’t.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..dont shit yourself while passed out drunk tonight.

Love you all guys and gals. 

Here’s the amazing,sexy, beautiful Gilmore girl….   Lauren Graham 

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