I never understand these kinda weirdos but in OCOEE, Flar.   USA 2 male teachers have been arrested for shagging the same student. One teacher is 27 the other 22 and have been dismissed from the school since Nov 1 2016 but the first round of the court case was yesterday. One of the teachers got no bail but the other was allowed out on bonds of $50k per charge. Matters came to ahead when the 17 year old girls father found out and told the school. Now what I like to picture is that this 17 year old tramp ( sorry guys and gals but she is a tramp) is this super stunning cheerleader sex bomb that no man could resist but let’s face it in reality she is probably a 20 stone fuck pig that is so used up from shagging that a guy probably wouldn’t even touch the sides when they at it. What a way to fuck up you life and career, teachers in America seem to be getting worse and worse. Also with this because the girl is 17 she won’t have any charges where the two teachers are facing a few years of being butt fucked in prison. I suppose on the up side the teachers are still getting the ride….just not how they planned.

Can you believe that Obama gets $400k for a dinner appearance. What the hell did he do to deserve that amount…all he talks about is himself and then makes a few obvious jokes to forced laughter from a crowd of rich idiots because let’s face it who ever is holding the event will try to make a profit so it must be nearly $100k per table to go to these events. Not to be out done Mrs Obama is also on the paid speech tour getting at $200k per speech. How much money is enough for these tools. I mean you could sum up an Obama speech pretty easy ” hey I did nothing for 8 years fucked up the health ….oh and I went on Jimmy Kimmel ” Obama is going down in history as the worst president ever and also now is just sliding in to realm of wanting to be a celebrity. Dude you ain’t president any more no one gives a fuck about you….retire with a little bit of dignity you sad loser….go eat a bag of shit.

While Obama is making millions, the street gang MS-13 have basically taken over the town of BRENTWOOD, N.Y.  I ‘ve written about MS 13 before because they scare the shit outa me. In 10 years they spread from being a small gang in El Salvador to now having thousands of members across America. Parents are afraid to let they ‘re kids go to school because the slightest incident involving a gang member ends in death. Even if decent kids refuse to join the gang  they are killed how do parents live with this as it must be terrifying to not know if your child will make it home from school alive. How did MS 13 become such a big gang …..well it’s simple …..under Obama there was a welcome all policy with no vetting the gang knew how to play the system and brought in hard core members from South America. What scares me the most is the fact that this gang will spread world wide in 10 years. Have no dought these guys are the real deal and ruthless unless Europe gets it’s act together we will see towns here taken over.

Just to remind you that you are better than loser celebrities….. Jennifer Lopez last night went somewhere ( awards or some kinda shit) in a dress that showed off her knickers and ditties. That’s all she is now a  ” look at me ” there is no talent and she has so much money than now her life is based around a few pictures in the shit tabloids. You how you are better than them because you have free will and can do what you want when you want, loser celebrities are at the mercy of agents and photographers….i would hate my life to be based around  ” how much coverage can I get today to let the world know that that I’m alive” fuck that. Also while on the subject of losers KIM KARDASHIAN has lost 100k followers on Instagram because she make the mistake of putting up real photos of herself instinstead of the doctored rubbish she normally does. Fans just called her a fake ass bitch and left. Now I ‘ve been saying this for over a year that KIM Kardashian and kanye dickhead West are asset rich but cash poor they rely on you to follow them and comment on them that they can make money from companies for advertising in they ‘re tweets and posts so think about that for a second without you they have nothing but they treat the average man on the street like shit. So what if people said about these celebrities ” hey fuck you I make you money, but you look down on me as if I’m something ugly on your shoe….so fuck you I’m not going to follow you”….you have the power not them and if the masses ever wake up thses fake ass celebrities are fucked. You control they ‘re Faith. 

I’m still in hospital guys and gals so I’m sorry if you missing out on news.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….you have the power….use it

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s Lenny’s daughter, the beautiful Zoë Kravitz

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