The title says it all really,when guys go out it usually ends in trouble. Most guys get happy when they get drunk but then you have the guys who get voilent, I mean they would nt beat eggs but will look for a smaller guy to attack or do loads of shouting as they run away leave you to get the beating…..i hate these guys. When I used to drink I would just do stupid shit and my goal was get drunk and go home with a girl…fighting while drunk is like have a boxing match on wet tiles and you usually end up hurting yourself more falling down than hitting the other guy. It’s the stupid shit that gets you arrested…..trust me.

Being one of the guys who does stupid shit ( to be honest I should get a medal) I ‘ve never been charged because the cops are usually looking at me laughing ” fucking eeejet ” but others want to break stuff or the quite guys want to fight everyone after 10 pints but never do. But it does lead to danger because what I found was when I was out and having fun with girls and just generally being happy these wanna be tough guys don’t like that ( they usually too afraid to talk to a girl) and want to beat the shit out of me, so there i am having fun with the hottest girls in the bar but in the corner is a group of fuck Muppets eye balling me…but if shit goes down I put them down then go back having fun. I don’t drink anymore but I don’t ever threaten people if some asshole is mouthing off at me or attacks me I hit first and take the mofo down then I threaten him. It’s better to ask for forgiveness than it is to look for permission.

But here’s a story that terrified me. I was on a train here in Ireland and I must have fallen asleep because when i woke up a woman in her 50s was sitting across from me. We got talking and turned out we knew some of the same people when suddenly she broke down crying. I didn’t know why so I asked what was wrong, the story she told me scared the shit out of me. She told me her nephew had been on a day time train and for some reason the train was pretty empty. The kid was 17 and sitting on his own minding his own business when 3 drunk scumbags came into the carriage. They say around him and start being general assholes to the kid and taking out they ‘re cocks asking him to suck it because they said he looked like a fagot. He got up and left and moved into the last carriage of the train ( which was one of the old style ones) there was people sitting there too so he felt safe but the scumbags followed him. They chased him to the back of the train and gang raped him. The people who were also in the carriage just left the kid to his faith. The scumbags took turns on him over and over again and when finished they pissed on him and left him in a pool of his own blood ( they also beat the shit out of him). He ended up in a coma and needed stitches in his ass…..he died. No one was charged, a decent kid dead, and the scumbags when free. The question you gotta ask had they been sober would they have done the same…..i don’t know, but to some guys the drink brings out the devil. Rest in peace kid, you ‘ll be waiting for them on the other side and I hope you show them he’ll.

So what have we found out about alcohol. Well you can have fun with it and party , but for girls if you pass out you may as well write” rape me” on your forehead and if you ‘re a guy….well be careful the devil is always just a step behind you. Party with sense people.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..im still in hospital so it’s back to the world’s news tomorrow…..

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s some sexy pin up girls for the 40s and 50s ( I love this art)

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