Kylie Jenner  ( which one is she, that whole family confuse me) got a group of zed listers together a in a bathroom and took a selfie of them all….so fucking what. You put a bunch of losers in a room with only one thing in common ….the fact that they are all fame whores….of course they ‘re going to take a selfie ” look at us at an after party we so much fun and you can’t come here”. I looked over the names and I hadn’t a clue who any of them are . I ‘ve said it time and time again….you are better that these people because you are above this ” oh let do a big selfie in the bathroom ….that ‘ll get us likes” can you you picture it at the party the rumour goes around to all the losers and they get sweaty knickers thinking ” I ‘ve become some one” ya of course you have… have become a zed lister fucking tool celebrity.  Well done.


In a Wal-Mart in America, a woman bought a purse. Nothing unusual there until she got home and opens up her new purse……and finds a note from a Chinese prisoner who made the purse. He writes about the long hours of work without breaks and the hard life they have……but I don’t give a fuck. Prison is ment to be hard so you don’t do crime again. Look at the prison system here in Ireland, a guy was out on bail for manslaughter and also had 70 other convictions…and he rapes and kills a student from Europe who was only in the country one day. That mother fucker should have been in a cage but he had his prisoner’s rights and now a beautiful young girl is dead. Example 2. A guy goes to the house of of a missing kids mother and tells her everything will be fine and that the search parties will find the kid alive and well….except he had killed the child. He looked the mother square in the eye and lied. Then when he got to prison the prisoners were waiting to deal with him when he came in….but the bastard got protected custody all the time in prison. He is now out and has a family. So I might sound harsh but fuck this guy writing a note to the west about his ill treatment. The note said nothing about his crime though did it. Notes likes these turn up the whole time in the west but never mention the dudes crime or his acknowledgment to what he has done wrong. But I guess it’s like the saying ” everyone is innocent in prison ”

That tool head in North Korea is at it again. This time he has said “a total war” will happen with America. Does anyone really know what is wrong with this guy ( I know the funny answer ” I’m guessing alot”) I mean why has he his knickers in a twist and shouting about nuclear war. He says his navy is ready ( why do I picture a few lads in a fucking row boat) to wipe out the American navy. I don’t get this guy he is going to test another missile soon too. If you have any ideas as to what’s up with him please send answers on a post card addressed to my ass.

I ‘ve got to hand it to President TRUMP. Skipping the white house correspondents dinner to spend time with the real people. The white house correspondents dinner is like where all the scum meet because they think they are the tail that wags the dog. But by going on about fake news when it’s the big networks lying to you and they expect a man like president TRUMP to turn up and kiss they’re ass you got another thing coming. By not going to the dinner president TRUMP basically  said ” fuck you I piss on you ‘re lies….tell the truth and you ‘ll get respect” well done president TRUMP. 

The evil demon offspring of Will Smith, Jaden Smith cut off his dreadlocks for a new film role, but at a red carpet event last night he whips out the dreads from his handbag  ( yes he has a handbag….this kid goes around wearing dresses and says that they a skirts for men…..we don’t fucking want skirts for men you little bastard) and shows off his dreadlocks to the cheering crowd. When asked why he brought them with him the world waited for a profound meaningful answer but they got this pile of shit  ” I couldn’t bring my sister as a date because she is busy so I brought my dreadlocks ” Rite first off dude your gay just admit it, why the fuck would you bring your sister as a date and last but not least you are a fucking ugly looking idiot who wears dresses .Enough said on this.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..a dress for men is just a big womans frock….

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the sexy, beautiful,quick talking …..lisa Snowdon 

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