I must admit that it did get me down the way the head doc mocked my lifestyle, clothes and my plans. The fact that he also aimed at me having a superiority complex also pissed me off because it’s against everything I and 187 stand for. I’m better than no one and I look at others with respect and admiration for getting through this thing called life. But then it dawned on me….im not the one with the superiority complex, he is. Why does everyone have to have a complex or need to be sedated just because you don’t conform to the idea of a normal person in a mould of what a madness doc has read in a text book. I say be strange, wear what you want, be gay, be straight, be bi-sexual, if you wanna dress up in a frock and parade around singing ” I’m a little girl I am I am” I say do it. Being sedated out of your mind is not the answer….problems we have in life make us who we are so why try to get rid of them from your mind…..without the bad, the good things in life don’t seem so sweet. Be who you are because this is ” life during war time”….

So news…. I nearly died of shock last night, as I grabbed my heart I could only utter the words ” oh dear jesus…”. What gave me such a shock… a half naked, 71 year old Cher performing at the billboard  awards. I ‘ll give her credit for living this long and having such successful career but come on please just go away or at the very least don’t scare us …youre eyes can’t unsee that shit. I know there might be some people out there with a kink in them that like 71 year naked women but this was forced on us. Cher  wore a dress thing that was from her tour 25 years ago ( fucking dress was older than most of the crowd) and was presented with a an award for living this long by Gwen Stefani  ( don’t get me started on her). So news ….. Cher is still not dead. 

Now this guy rocks….the Mayor of Tampa in America decided to point twin 50 cal machine guns at journalists to make them “cry like little girls”. He was on board a fast assault craft with military personal and it was a display for the public. Everyone is sick of American journalists and fake news so why not scare the shit out of them. It’s not the journalists fault about the fake news bit, the main news outlets don’t like the truth so journalists gotta eat too so in comes the fake news. Point a pair of machine guns at journalists…..this dude gets my vote anytime.

The tool in North Korea is still testing shit box missiles. This time it landed in Japanese sea. What the fuck does he actually want. I mean I can go testing missiles and have wicked fun doing it but without a goal I’d just be an asshole testing missiles. Maybe the mayor of Tampa should pay him a visit.

It has been discovered that ISIS are now testing chemical weapons on human guinea pigs. So now instead of beheading prisoners they test chemicals on them….thallium sulphate Being the most popular because it is like salt but is tasteless and no smell. Once added to food death comes 10 days after being consumed and its agony. With the massive influx of “refugees ” of military age to the west the scope for an attack is massive. Think about it… not saying that all Muslims are trying to kill you ( Islam is a religion of peace until like all religious beliefs the nutters use it as a reason to kill) so say if just one out of a hundred is a terrorist who works in food processing….the amount of death would be huge. And then more hate….. I hope this type of attack ever happens.

As we all know pippa got married and I read a headline that said ” what’s the one thing pippa wore to her wedding and Kate’s wedding ” it turned out to be ear rings but before I found out it was ear rings I thought it was her knickers. That might be the sick fuck in me but hey we all remember her great ass at Kate’s wedding. Then I started thinking where would she have kept em, did she wash them ( rich people are weirdos) or did buy new ones and were they the same colour…..but then my dreams dashed because of fucking ear rings. ….Knickers would have been better.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..if you scare easy don’t look up Cher.

Love you all guys and gals…
Here’s a screen queen to watch out for…..Emma Fitzpatrick 

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