I used to have respect for the Cannes film festival but then I learned the truth. Films are bought for distribution and the hopes of indie film makers are dashed day after day. Most normal people have to stay 30 miles outside Cannes because it’s just too fucking expensive to stay in the main hotels. Do most of the rich actors realise that they once were on the indie scene and had no money…..but at €10k a night in a hotel ( and that’s if they let you in) it’s only a film festival for the rich. I read a headline about Nicole Kidman being the queen of Cannes, I normally like Nicole Kidman but she could buy Cannes if she wanted….her family are the largest private land owners in Australia…so who is going to tell her she ain’t queen. Ah it’s just a path on the back festival now….” how much money have you….oh is that all” . I wish Hollywood would fuck off sending out the same actors in the same movies over and over again…..if you wanna be famous, put on you ‘re combat boots and cause a riot at Cannes film festival…id love to see it…reason to riot…who cares!!!

Get this….two brothers were arrested in minneapolis on May 11….they were Muslim and had connections to the middle East. They were arrested after they ‘re car was searched and police found a loaded AK-47, another rifle, a handgun, a grenade, large amounts of ammunition, and what would later be identified as bomb-making materials, including a drone. But one of the brothers has been released from jail and the other is held on bail of $200k. Both face felony charges but are basically free. What the fuck do these guys got to do, walk right up to a cop and tell him ” I’m a terrorist and I ‘ve a bomb and I’m going to blow this place up” and even then the fucking cop would say ” please move along sir” because he is too afraid of insulting a Muslim.  It’s the same problem in Manchester…the bomber was over and back to Libya and was a known fighter, was on the watch list and so was his father and brother, a woman outside the arena tells security guards that a Muslim man is looking suspicious outside the arena and is carrying a bag…. they ‘re answer ” how would you  like it if someone said you looked suspicious ” and basically told her to fuck off. Then they may as well have said ” oh Mr terrorist you can come in now”. When is this shit going to stop. If you think there is a dude living down the road who could be Jihad bob and you tell the police ….. it should not matter what religion or colour he is, it should be checked out. In other words treat everyone ( Muslim and non Muslim) the same. But there is a fear in people and police that they might offend a Muslim….id rather offend someone rather than find out later he really was a terrorist and was making great big fucking bomb to kill kids. It’s better to say sorry than ask for permission.  Wake up!!!

While every trendie fuck tries to run down everything that President TRUMP does…what has come out today is that the prick Obama knowingly let in members of the most voilent gang in America….MS-13. It was a loop hole that the prick knew about ….. classing 17 year olds as unaccompanied children. These guys were known members of the gang it is the fastest growing gang in America. So when these guys are killing decent people on the streets remember  it’s Obama you need to thank. President TRUMP is trying to deport them but with trendie leftie fucks like the graduates of a college who walked out of an arena where vice president Pence was giving a speech how do you explain to them that MS-13 need to be kicked out of America. I don’t want MS-13 drugs hitting the streets of the REP OF IRELAND so I back president TRUMP 100%.

It seems that Orlando bloom has a poison penis. Fuck him and you lose your job.He shagged this waitress from some upper class resteraunt and well she got sacked because of mixing with customers. In fairness she was after her shift and didn’t arrange to meet him but they ended up shagging anyway. So she lost her job but is now known world wide because Orlando and his poison penis rang her up to say “sorry you lost you ‘re job luv but thanks for the ridr”. I don’t really give a fuck about either of them ….. but there is one thing, he is 40 and she 21…. I’m not judging but I’m 37 and I could not put up with drama of a 21 year girl no matter how hot she was.I mean 2 years ago she was a teenager!!! Also he shagged Katy Perry….so if I were the waitress I’d get myself checked out because Katy Perry been down on everything but the Titanic.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….stay away from Orlando bloom and his poison penis…….

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the super hot Kate Mara….

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