I’m tired, tired of seeing nonsense about how we have to love all Islam and don’t say a word to any Muslim just in case you might hurt his feelings and then he might go off and get a bomb. What about the women that have been beaten and raped all across Europe by so called ” refugees ” and the people who lost loved ones in the latest two terror attacks what about they ‘re feelings….. but hey ” one love”!!!! This fucking bullshit is just making me want to puke, I would much rather call the police on a guy acting weird and be wrong than not call the police and Jihad bob blows up another target of kids… they are killing kids and all these loser artists from the Manchester gig last sunday can say is “one love”. To show you even more how little the artists at the Manchester gig don’t give a fuck about those killed and wounded….they all got matching bumble bee tattoos so they will remember the night…. I ‘ll repeat that for those who are stupid…the artists will remember the night. If you want to preach this “one love” vomit to people I vote we send Willy.I.Am. out to Syria to explain is to Islamic extremism terrorists, they might like it….if not well least we ‘re rid of Willy.I.Am….its a win win…” One love Willy, one love”….what an asshole.

Think about these attacks ….they ‘re cheap, no target, spread fear and that’s it. Mindless cowards is all that these people are and yet the media jump on it being Europe’s fault for the attacks for not being nicer to the Muslims…..are you kidding me!!!! A white woman in Germany was beat by two Muslim men with bats because they called her a bitch and she stood up for herself ….she was badly beaten and when she posted pictures of her bruised face and body online…..she was called a racist and should be glad they beat her….” one love”!!! Enough has been written about how the attacks took place but I ‘ll put this in front of you…..lets say there is another bombing and a guy loses his family, gets a gun and walks to the nearest Muslim community and just opens fire….what will happen when innocent Muslim bodies start hitting the streets ( let’s face it the nutters won’t get shot and innocents will)….will the bombings increase, will more European victims fight back, will there be concerts then and tattoos… there will be open warfare on the streets and it will happen and it ‘ll be innocents who die. Just knock this one love bullshit on the head and maybe encourage people to call the police on Jihad Jerry down the street ….. we can stop this.

I suppose we better do a bit of news, The case against Bill Cosby opened today and I mean if this turns out to be true … there anything the man didn’t drug and rape. The first witness was on the stand and said that the actor gave her pills to relax but they turned out to be date rape drugs …this was back in 1988…while she was passed out or semi lucid he raped her. There is over 50 woman taking to the stand with similar stories going back as far as the 1960s. Some people say it’s just alot of women jumping on the fame band wagon but if even one is true that’s one too many and if found guilty I hope they throw the book at him. Does this come under “one love”…..must ask Willy.I. Have. about this.

In Johnstown in America a guy has choked his new wife after they got back from the wedding in a row over wedding gifts. John Delozier, 31said that all she is interested in is money. The row began after she wanted to put away some of the money and he wanted to spend it. Im no relationship adviser but I’m guessing that this couple probably had a few issues before the wedding…..i know I should feel sorry for this situation….but fuck, at some stage it must enter your head “hey maybe getting married ain’t the best idea”.

I would say on a happier note that GEORGE COONEY and what’s her name just had twins…. but those kids won’t see true life as they will grow up in an ivory tower. To give you an idea of what I mean, COONEY has 20 armed bodyguards at one of his homes but yet tells you to disarm. Congrads on the kids George…..but your still a prick

So until tomorrow guys and gals….. I’m going to fight em off, a seven nation army couldn’t hold me back….

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the only good thing about ” Die hard russia” …. the super sexy Yuliya Snigir

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