This “One Love” crap is now going to a whole new level of nonsense. People are now petitioning for Ariana Grande  to be given the freedom of Manchester…..for what…. all she is doing is taking the focus off the real problem…. Islamic extremism terrorists. Have you noticed that the “one love” sign is written in the rainbow colours…why is this being rammed into our faces when what should be taught is for people to be on they re guard and try and stop these attacks before they happen. Hillary Clinton  ( remember her) she came up with a great solution to stop Islamic extremism terrorists….learn about they ‘re culture and food!!!! I shit you not…the crazy bitch said that in a speech two days ago. While all you leftie trendie fucks are shouting ” one love” … I hope you can remember that the song was written by a wife beating rapist……but hey one love. So if you see a guy with a knife or a gun on the street about to kill you ask him about what food he likes.

One of my biggest fears has come true. I hate snakes I just hate the bastards but a guy in America was woken up to the sound of his girlfriend screaming. Thinking there was a break in or something he ran to find her screaming at the toilet. Confused he asked her what was wrong and she said look inside. He lifted up the toilet seat to find a fucking rattlesnake swimming in the toilet…..a fucking rattle snake!!!! Just think if you went for a crap, sit on the toilet and bang the bastard bites you….well you ‘re fucked….. proper fucked. This has been happening all across America as the snakes and God knows what else get into the sewer systems and make they ‘re way up the pipes and into your home…..then bite you on the arse and kill you…..i hate snakes, it’s one of my biggest fears that something would bite me on the arse while I’m having a crap….but I always thought it would be my ex girlfriend or an Islamic extremist ( you never know) but now fucking rattlesnakes …my head doctor will have a field day with this. This also comes as a number of poorer schools in America have come come out and said that at some stages they can’t teach a class because of RAT infestations. I don’t know if you seen a rat infestation but it’s awful ….. if the rats can’t find food they eat each other …… horrible little fuckers. But these school buildings are old and in poor areas…. it’s RAT paradise. How can kids go to school and run the risk of death by a rat bite….its just not right. All the money being wasted on silly investigations into President TRUMP  ( which have and will find no wrong doing) would be so much better spent sorting out this RAT problem…. kids need an education.

Now you know us here at 187 would never encourage robbery……. but a 20 year old girl is going around Hollywood and Beverly hills nightclubs drugging rich assholes and robbing them….she got $200k alone from two guys when she went to they re apartment. So the two boys thought hey we ‘re rich and let’s tag team this poor girl who looks like she has no money…. well it kinda back fired guys didn’t it. Police only know that she is about 20 years old and black. In a place like Beverly hills where money is no object and just 5 miles away is skid row I say well done to this girl. How many girls have been date raped or fucked over by rich Hollywood assholes over the years. I hope this girl mades enough money to have a future and disappears. I hope she is clever enough to know when to stop but till then….. you go girl!!!! Here is the two losers who got robbed…..bit old to be tag teaming a 20 year old girl….what goes around comes around boys.

We all know that kanye West is a tool…but he just keeps adding to it. He now wants to design school uniforms for Calabasas High School, where his in laws go. He recently got into fashion design but the only people wearing his clothes  is his wife. But school uniforms talk about a step in the wrong direction if you want a fashion career. He also wants to name the schools sports team after one of his songs ( which one….fuck knows). It just dawned on me that I can’t even name one Kanye West songs….hang on I think I can….is this one of his songs  ” I fucked KIM Kardashian up the …

So until tomorrow guys and gals….dont forget to ask you’re friendly local terrorist what he likes to eat….

Love you all guys and gals….

Here’s a super sexy scream queen…..Lucy Fry…

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