There seems to be no “one love” between Taylor swift and Katy Perry. It’s seems that today Katy Perry is releasing some form of usual shit single today and Taylor swift has released her complete back catalogue of her shit singles….just to piss off Katy Perry. There is some kinda row going on between the two of them and that fat bastard James Cordon…..something to do with backing dancers or fuck knows. This is more of the celebrity bullshit that they take to social media to complain about each other. This is the reasult of too much money. People look at Los Angeles and Beverly hills and think it’s the beautiful life ….but how sad does your life need to be to have a row over social media about fucking nonsense. 10 thousand people arrive in Los Angeles airport LAX every week with dreams in they ‘re eyes…..10 thousand people leave Los Angeles through LAX beaten and failure in they ‘re eyes….thats the reality and to have two idiots fighting with handbags over nonsense makes you think, I ve told you all before ….. you are better than any Taylor swift or Katy Perry.  To prove it even more that these two are just money grabbing whores is the ” one love ” shit….. skid row is 5 miles away from Beverly hills…skid row is where the homeless drug addicts and hookers live and work, it’s one of the worst places on earth….why don’t Taylor swift or Katy Perry just take a walk and help people on they re door step….. at 187 we hate this kinda petty celebrity bullshit over little rows when with the amount of money they earn they could help others instead of showing people what fucking idiots they are…… but I’d still rattle Taylor Swift but I wouldn’t touch Katy Perry 

Bill Cosby really is a piece of shit ain’t he. He took the stand yesterday and admitted drugging a girl but not rapeing her ….. he just heavy petted her. He also said that he feared extortion from the girl over the incident and that he felt she had a learning difficulty or ADD. Let me get this straight because my head sometimes just can’t make sense of things, Bill Cosby said in his defence that he drugged a girl he thought had a learning difficulty or ADD then heavy petted her ( in other words he raped the life out of her)… is that a defence. Is Bill Cosby one of those Ted Bundy freaks who wants to fuck dead people. Bill Cosby was booed  and verbally  abused as he left the court room.. I wonder why….what a scumbag.

I didn’t know this because I just didn’t give a shit but Justin beiber sent out a tweet of some girls names for no reason a few days ago. When I heard it today I thought it was a list of girls who should get themselves checked out but no it has something to do with a new song. You have to wonder do girls who fuck Justin beiber feel ashamed or what. He has the head of a guy who would be two pumps and an appoligy and has a tiny Willy. I mean if I had a sister an she said she fucked Justin beiber… disown her not because it’s justin beiber and bad music but because he looks like a fucking worm and what if she brings him home….disown is a bit harsh but I’d definitely have a few words with her.

There seems to be a rapper called XXXTentacion, well he was on stage throw shapes and talking bout his bitches and hoes when a guy came out of the crowd, decked him and put him on his ass.  There is some kinda feud between the two rappers ( when isn’t there) but I thought it was worth a mention because who doesn’t  like to hear about a big tough rapper from the streets getting layed out with one punch…..pussy.

So we all know that celebrities touch up photos to make themselves look good but what happens when they make a fucking balls of it. Kylie Jenner  ( she is the daughter of the guy who got his dick cut off….or some relation anyway…ah who cares) well she got a photo shoot done of herself in a bikini and put it up on a billboard to advertise her new shop…..except she looks…well…just fucking weird. Now normally any woman in a bikini is enough for me but she looks like a 3rd hand sex doll that belonged to a sick twisted weirdo. She claims it’s not touched up but to say I disagree is putting it lightly. Over the last few weeks female friends from all Over the world have been posting pictures of themselves in bikinis with no corrections and omg do they put slappers like the Jenner/Kardashian lot to shame. Real women of the world you are beautiful how you are so don’t think you have anything to prove…. I love Texas women personally …so hot….so crazy….sooooo….everything…. New boxer shorts please…

So until tomorrow guys and gals……watch out Bill Cosby could be under you ‘re bed…

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the Bollywood Baywatch babe…..Priyanka Chopra 

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