Katy Perry….what can you say about her other than she is dirty auld slapper. She was doing some charity thing with that fat fuck James Cordon where she had to play a game of answer something truthfully or eat dog shit or something. So she told the question of rate her lovers. I don’t know who they are but Orlando was last anyway ( poor girl in England must have got two pumps and an appoligy).The thing to remember here is she named a few people but how many did she not name. Los Angeles is small in comparison to other major American cities and last year there was a massive increase of celebrities going for treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. So think about this …  the people who are rich and famous  usually mix together so as a guess I would say that the who’s who of Los Angeles are just disease riddled fucks ….yuk. I hope the girl in England that fucked Orlando bloom gets herself checked. It takes the gloss off it when the stars you want to sleep with could well be riddled with shit you never even heard of that makes your docl rot off… real life doesn’t  escape celebrities. Also Katy Perry has tried to make up with Taylor Swift but by giving no response I think Taylor Swift said ” go away and fuck yourself… .bitch”

In Waco  ( I can’t believe this happened) a woman called 911 to get the police to come to fast food restaurant that she was at. The reason…..she felt that her chicken nuggets took too long to arrive and wanted her money back. I shit you not this donkey of a woman rang the police over chicken nuggets. The police have to go out because it’s a 911 emergency call. Can you just picture the police station when the call comes in ” I signed up to fight crime….to make a difference and this is what my life has come to”. So they turn up at the fast food place and it all gets sorted out….but is this how dumb the population has gotten and that people have so little respect for the police that people feel the need to call the police over chicken nuggets. If I was the cop being made to go on this call…well let’s just say I’d need to use my throw away gun…fucking chicken nuggets….

Ivanka TRUMP joins her father president TRUMP as they push for job creation and education creation. They will touring the country to promote different ways of getting a career rather than taking the traditional 4 year college route. With incentives on apprenticeships and creation of different courses in colleges and easier access to them…..this is one of the best plans put forward by President TRUMP yet. With all the ex FBI asshole nonsense this just goes to show that President TRUMP had the good of the country on his mind rather than focusing on the negative crap that the main stream media are pushing against him. President TRUMP is doing a good job weather the leftie trendies want to admit or not. If all you watch is main stream media to get you ‘re news then all you will hear is bad things against President  Trump…… do some digging and then make up you’re mind, don’t be a sheep.

I always tell people that they are better than celebrities and I always will. Every day a stupid headline comes out about a model in a  bikini or some auld slapper sucked the chrome off a trailer hitch…..the average everyday person is better than this because they take care of life and work on they re dreams and plans. I’m not saying celebrities don’t dream or plan but it seems that most celebrities are trying to hold on so as not to be forgotten….thats they ‘re biggest fear. Jennifer Lopez posted a picture of herself without make up on Twitter.. ..so what…… but this why I tell you that you are better than these celebrities because you don’t need to come up with stupid social hype to let the world know your still alive. You can get up … no make up…dont shave….wear 3 day old clothes and not tell the world and still be cool. I think it must be hell to go to bed each night planing what bullshit you will post tomorrow so that you might be talked about….it must be a nightmare. We at 187 say fuck everyone and do what makes you happy. Oh….and Jenny from the block looks rough without make up, i cant tell which guy she is in pic below.

So until tomorrow guys and gals……beware of j-lo…..

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s my future ex wife ….. Alison Harvard.

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