First of all today I’m pissed off. I love animals especially cats and today a China man was arrested with over 500 cats destined for resteraunts. I don’t give a shit about you ‘re culture you don’t eat cats and dogs. If I ever come across one these people selling cats and dogs to restaurants in going to add my own item to the menu …. China man with fried rice. God dam shit fuck bastards….if it’s not one lot of nutters trying shot and blow us up ….another bunch of assholes are trying to eat our pets!!!! If you want you ‘re culture so bad …. fuck off back to the shithole you ran from….fucker!!!!

The New York public theater has put on the most stupid version of “Julius Caesar”yet. They set in modern times and portrayed Julius Caesar as a President TRUMP like character in matching suits and surroundings. Delta airlines and Bank of America have pulled they ‘re funding from the theater but American express continues to finance the play. The thing is that President TRUMP before he became President financed this theater and supported the plays they produced. Now comes the actor nonsense of its all art. It ain’t art to incite the killing of you’re president and that’s what this is doing. Alex Baldwin has turned up to see it but he is still trying to recover from the supporting of open banking but then advertising a private bank…nice going tool. A great question was asked by President TRUMP as to how much of this nonsense play is financed by tax payers in grants. “Julius Caesar” ends Sunday and then it’s “a mid summer nights dream”…fuck knows what they ‘ll do to that, I’m betting on Lego batman.

An American army sargent saw that a woman had fallen into a river and without thinking he jumped in and saved her and he is being hailed as a hero which he is…..except the police are now worried that because this woman was lucky enough to be saved by a good looking army dude who is built like a brick shit house that women with mental problems ( ah I won’t say anything) may try to jump into rivers so they can be rescued by someone like this army guy. It’s a need for a knight in shining armour kinda thing. The woman today was lucky but others may well not be so lucky. We all here at 187 hope this doesn’t become a problem and say well done to the army sargent.

The tool that is Prince Harry has a nut bag of a girlfriend, Meghan Markle. We ‘ve all had em guys admit it but even this girls family have said she’s a nut bag and yesterday she did something that convinces me even more that the rabbit in her head is taking a nap. She was asked in an interview about marriage to tool box HARRY and what the main stream press are hailing as the best answer ever I ‘ve a different view. What was the amazing answer….well….nothing! She just sat there and said nothing…looking pretty ….but the kinda pretty you know is a wacko if you what I mean. The main stream press say it’s the best royal answer ever because it’s what royals do I think…but my guess is that Meghan Markle is just too fucking stupid to have an answer.

Bill Cosby’s lawyer finished his defence statement today…. it took 6 min!!! I mean Bill Cosby has already admitted drugging women and touching them up. I wonder was it like ” she said she had a head ache….so I drugged  and raped her” what a sick fuck. I don’t think the jury will be out too long on this one.

Zed list celebrities everywhere are getting bumble bee tattoos to support Manchester…how the fuck a tattoo supports the victims is beyond me. ARIANA GRAND started this crap ( before the bombing I wouldn’t have known ARIANA GRAND if I had been pissing on her). The way to support Manchester is to prevent another attack. Be wrong and call in any suspected terrorists, you can always say sorry. It’s better to be wrong ain’t it. I wonder how much of the Manchester gig money will go to helping the victims….the line up was available pretty fast, as was the stage and the screens….alot of money was made but yet the red cross have only gotten £8k in donations…..something to thing about there.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..Bill Cosby is such a creep….

( Meghan Merkel is so royal)

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the stunning Project Alice…. Milla Jovovich

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