What the hell is wrong with you leftie trendie tools….you don’t go shoot at unarmed people at a baseball practice!!! Whatever you’re politics…. these are still people, what the fuck are you lot thinking!!! Facebook and Twitter alive with comments of support for this asshole who did the shooting but yet that’s not hate speech removal …. but if I say leftie trendie in a post I’m banned for a week. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it…. across America other attacks and threats were made against congress members, one woman tried to run her congressman off the road. And another leftie tool threaten to hang his local congressman from a lamp post….. why you ask….. well that’s the big question, where is this hate coming from??

A big factor in the pushing of people over the edge and to committ attacks is the main stream media and celebrities. Facebook has now automated it’s news meaning words will be left out of headline searches and Facebook computers will decide your news, will you believe it….. yes most of you will because you still cant accept that big news stations are really the ones spreading fake news or partical news which is even worse. A down right lie can be classed as a mistake a half truth is worse. Those who have obvious mental problems or just problems will believe they are doing good by doing in real life what celebrities are saying and doing in speeches and music videos. Madonna wants to blow up the white house, snoop dog shooting a clown dressed like President TRUMP, Marilyn Manson doing the same and so on. And of course let’s not forget the bullshit Julius Caesar play in New York where they base it in a TRUMP like era and an actor looking very like President TRUMP is killed ( even after the shootings this play still ain’t been pulled) If you can’t see the path that this is forming you are either blind or stupid….its the path to all out civil war!!!! I want you to think about what civil war means…  it means one day you get up and try to kill you ‘re neighbour before he kills you….. all over politics. Best friend against best friend…. brother against brother…… America already has a war on it’s hands in the war on terror….. don’t add to this by a civil war which will effect everyone globally….think please think.

If you think things aren’t bad enough ISIS are now using off the shelf drones to drop 40mm grenades on troops. This is scary because if ISIS can work out how to do it you can be dam sure that some dumbass in your neighbourhood is going to buy a drone and do something stupid like drop fireworks on someone’s house and suddenly deaths are involved. ISIS is getting clever with its attacks but I can’t help but notice that the attacks are getting cheaper and cheaper…. cars.. lorries.  Drones ….. knives….. yes these attacks are horrible but has President TRUMP turned the corner and forced ISIS into cheap attacks because they are on they re last legs. Another group who are using drones is Amazon for deliveries. I think you get a text when you’re  parcel is over head and then it lands in you’re lawn….. you know this won’t work right, because some dumbass will try to catch an engine block with his head and well we know how that ‘ll end.

This I don’t understand…. Jesy Nelson  ( the bigger girl in “little mix” a girl band of some sort …fuck off) she is always dolled up with pink hair, covered in make up and I have to say she looks good….but she posted a pic of herself with normal red hair and no make up and omg she is simply beautiful. I mean she is a natural beauty. With j-lo and Katy Perry both looking like crack house whores with no make up….why doesn’t this girl stay without the make up and put bigger celebrities to shame. I don’t know much about this Jesy Nelson but she has gone back to the pink hair and slapped on paint sprayer make up and of course guys are going crazy for it. Jesy if you ever decide to be real, PORTA GREGOR and 187 will stand beside you come hell or high water. Well done girly we ‘re all proud of you stay real because you are a really beautiful girl.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..the jury is still out on Bill Cosby, he admitted it for fuck sake!!!!!

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s a beautiful woman that I know nothing about other than she acts and is ex cheerleader…..Sarah Shahi 

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