Here we go again….this time in Indianapolis. A guy is just out driving his truck when 2 black guys pull up beside him…..and start shooting randomly at the truck. The reason….the guy in the truck had a ” make America great again” sticker on his truck. No one was injured but ” black lives matter” hasn’t  come out and said shit about this. Leftie trendie democrats I ask you straight out here and now ….. why can you not accept the election results and why can you not control you ‘re followers. This is a horrible attack on the right to free speech… but hey black lives matter more it seems….

Looks like good old Leonardo DiCaprio is in the bad books with the tax people again. If you hadn’t heard …. well last year Leonardo DiCaprio was investigated for stealing  money from his own charity and also laundering money for some very rich Malaysian  guys and well he had to pay back millions…..looks like he has to go further because now they ‘re taking his art collection and even a Marlon Brando Oscar that he got some where plus they want 10s of millions of dollars more from him in unpaid taxes. Where are Leo’s Asian friends…..sitting at home jerking each other off laughing at good old Leo because he was the stupid fuck who committed the crime. I’m delighted this is happening because celebrities have been fucking over charities for years… example …..BONO: bono has some charity set up to help the needy or something  but only 1.4% of all money given to or in the charity goes to the people who need it….the rest….well you don’t need an IQ of 200 to work it out do you…. I ‘ve said it before you are better than these people and 187 is taking names and are ready to but boots to arses…

There is other news in the world like MS-13  planning terror attacks in New York  or how Megyn Kelly tried to do a hatch job on Alex Jones  ( it’s backfired because the full interview is now leaked….what were you thinking you stupid bitch) but I’m pissed off over the shootings and celebrities stealing from charity… fuck the rest of the news. But to lefties I say this …..President TRUMP has 50% approval rate…. so fuck you “G”!!!!

Sweet Jesus just check out 47 year old NAOMI CAMPBELL doing yoga. How does she do that…. I mean dam after seeing this  I so want to get that woman in bed ( I’m a single guy and just  being honest) she would be amazing. I saw a short film last night of a real life couple that I know  where they were acting out a scene of the girl being caught cheating…. first off the girl in the short is ment to be a model but at half Naomi Campbell’s age she still didn’t come close to her in  sexiness. Then the couple went into the details of the way she cheated and honestly it’s pretty disgusting the way she answers the boyfriend’s questions ( remember they ‘re a couple in real life…. a pretty fucked up couple) point I’m trying to make here is going into every detail of how a fuck went down isnt too sexy I mean I don’t want to know how you ‘re grandparents have sex, so writing a risky script can backfire and I’d say every guy who sees the short wouldn’t touch the girl who acted in now with someone else cock…its that disgusting … where with a few photos of herself doing yoga Naomi Campbell has almost every guy in the world wanting her….. sometimes less is more girls…

So until tomorrow guys and gals….. stop shooting at people fuck heads!!!!

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s Trinity… a woman who only gets more beautiful with age……Carrie Ann Moss…

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