” I am just an aging drummer boy and in the wars I used to play….” : HISTORY REPEATING 

It begins slowly always with random situations that people say ” oh that’s terrible” but go on with they ‘re daily lives. Then it seeps into groups where one strong personality in able to lead the sheep then the situations ain’t so random…..but people start to take notice and say ” this ain’t right”. The next step is ambitious politicians who fan the flames……then you’re in a Civil War!!!!

Can you see the pattern already forming in America. But the world looks at attacks and violence in America as their problem but it’s a global one because if the economy crashes in America the world economy crashes. That’s just the first problem ….. what about global supporters of each side, I ve nailed my colours to the mast but what happens when everyone else does and wants to prove they ‘re the biggest supporter and it will happen, there is always people who want to be the leader of a group right or wrong.

Then what most people globally don’t know is that in America the national guards first loyalty is to it’s home state. Suddenly there is an army behind ambitious politicians. A fake media pushing both sides of the wrong stories but who will win….big businesses of course because war and unrest is good for businesses…..think about it, if the national guard of one state is deployed on to the streets they need food don’t they so to get the contract to feed them will be like shark fight.

In a mixed up, fucked up way I’m trying to tell you DON’T GO TO WAR. No one wins in civil war just a country in ruins so think before you act because that’s where America is heading.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..” I am just an aging drummer boy and in the wars I used to play….”

Love you all guys and gals 

( what’s with the rebel girls you ask….why the fuck not!!!!)

Here’s the only reason to watch  ” Rivera ” ….. Roxane Duran

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