Victoria Beckham is on the cover of Vouge Netherlands and says she is not as miserable as she looks…..are you kidding me…with so much bad happening in the world this miserable yoke comes out to tell the world “I’m happy”… who gives a fuck if you’re happy. As a celebrity I think you have a moral obligation to  try and improve the lot of those who are not as lucky as you….so where is telling the world that ” hey I’m not an auld miserable bitch…i just look that way” going to help anyone . What you have to take from this is that Victoria Beckham either paid or was paid for this interview…. how fucking sad does your life need to be that you are in that situation…. think about it… ” I know, I ‘ll pay Vouge to tell people I’m not a miserable bitch ” or ” oh shit Vouge want to interview me and I ‘ve nothing to say….better tell em I’m not a miserable bitch ” . Gimme 187 any day least we ‘re angry every day

Facebook really know how to be classy, seven people were injured in South Carolina after a guy had row with some others and decided to shoot them. But low and behold there was a dude up safely in his apartment ready to film it and post it on Facebook…. who have allowed it to stay up and has over 2.6million views. Now here is where I have to ask ….. which did this dude do first, decide to call the police or record the shootings? The whole shoot out with police and everything was recorded so I’m thinking this guy was more interested in getting footage than help. But which is worse, record the shootings or allow the post to stay up. Where are we heading as people…..its not good anyway.

In a study in America it’s be shown that teenagers are now getting the same amount of exercise as that of the average 60 year old. But is this really a surprise. How much time do you spend sitting with you’re phone or watching tv. It doesn’t stop with teenagers, as men and women in they ‘re 20s and 30s are now less active than ever before. I blame the internet, ah who isn’t going to watch a video of a guy fucking a donkey or pretend they ‘re a woman and have online sex with a guy and then send him pic of you’re Willy. There is just too much fun to be had or am I a sick weirdo….. (don’t answer that). But this is pretty worrying because if there is less active people around who is going stop Miley Cyrus taking over the world…. I ‘ve a plan for Billy Ray….. but Miley Cyrus is clever and will be hard to catch!!!!

Beyonce and Jay-Z have had twins….i could read up and pass on the details but honestly I don’t give a shit. In 20 years tools like me will be writing about tools like them…. so fuck it let’s look at Victoria Beckham not being a miserable bitch.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..get off you’re ass…

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the princess…… Jennie Jacques

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