So Clint Eastwood is not dead, this celebrity stuff gets confusing. It seems that someone put out a tweet that Clint Eastwood had died and well it went viral. You can see how this would happen and we all here at 187 wish Clint Eastwood many more years of life but do you now see how fake news can be spread and take over the world within 24 hrs. This time last night I read that Clint Eastwood had died and they had to break into his apartment and there was a whole background story and it was getting longer and longer….. I know this is just a celebrity prank ( a nasty one) but what happens when the news is an attack or war or an out break. The main stream media has just a 6 % confidence rate… that means that only 6 people out of 100 believe what the main stream media is saying. That’s scary.

Iggy Azalea turned up at some awards with no knickers on….so what… the world and his mother has seen iggys bits before and honestly it ain’t all that to write home about. She was once a beautiful woman but after stupid plastic surgery she just looks fake now. I do give celebrities a hard time but I read in an article about Iggy Azalea  that ” how does it feel to be no longer relivent  in 2017″ !!! Fuck that’s harsh!!! The one thing that celebrities crave more than anything is to be talked about and to tell Iggy Azalea ” hey basically your career is over” is pretty mean. So everyone lets all chip in together and buy Iggy Azalea some knickers….it might cheer her up. Looks like it ‘ll be rich husband hunt from now on for IGGY.

Ah balls to it ….. I’m sorry guys and gals it’s too bloody hot and Porta Gregor can’t think in the heat… there is loads of news out there but I’m too tired…. oh you decide which Iggy looks better….

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..lets buy knickers for Iggy….

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the sexy Queen Viking….. 

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