“Take a look around you boy….” JOHNNY DEPP: TOOL OR IDIOT…..

Did the Black hand know that by killing arch duke Ferdinand that it would start the world on it’s way to the first world war. History is full of idiots that are pumped up on stories of how great they are or will be by doing a deed but care nothing of the fall out created by it . Enter El Corpsehead….. Johnny DEPP. Wtf was he thinking last night by hinting at killing President TRUMP…..which part of the word ” president ” don’t you understand you ignorant fuck. There is a whole band wagon of celebrities coming out with this shit. Robert Dr Niro….. making some video about how he d kick his ass and calling him names as if he was a tough guy….. ah dumbass you ‘re an actor who plays tough guys, big difference!!! Micky Rourke… I beat his ass…i ‘ll do some other stuff because I used be good looking but fucked up my face with a shit surgery  ( micky Rourke is the only guy I’d fear because he is an ex pro boxer) . Madonna wanting to blow up the white house…..katy Griffin  ( I don’t know who the ugly bitch is either) holding up a bloody head of president TRUMP, Bow Wow wanting to pimp out Meleana  ( bow wow apparently  takes it up the ass from she male hookers….enough said) ….. now none of these bunch of shit heads will do anything but what about they ‘re fans who worship them.

All it takes is one nut job thinking that he is acting on his or her’s favourite celebrity’s advice….and suddenly you ‘re in event that are getting more out of control daily. All around the world there is unhinged people… just look at Muslim extremists. Get up one day and put on a suicide vest and blow themselves up, killing innocent people and thinking it’s for religion or culture….. If that’s religion and culture well I piss on it and you would need to be a seriously fucked up Muppet to tell me otherwise. But why is the guy at the top not blowing himself up….. it’s the same with celebrities, they ‘ll bitch and moan but it will be some poor unhinged idiot who will do the deed setting events in play beyond control.

Not that I would know Ariana Grande if she slipped and landed on my dick ( I though she was just another auld slapper singer showing a bit of tits and ass……when I looked her up I found I was right) where is her ” one love” ….. you need to love everyone except who dumbass celebrities tell you….because that’s what she and all the rest of the loser ” one love ” crowd are saying by not condemning people calling for the deaths of others. ARIANA GRAND was a tool….is a tool ….and always will be a tool.

So JOHNNY DEPP: TOOL OR IDIOT….. does it matter, any guy who looks like a white van rapist by choice, spent $600million on nothing and got a convicted child killer freed is a nothing but a low life. Oh you didn’t know about those things or all the other weird and terrible shit around this asshole…..check in tomorrow for an eye opener.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….. ” one love”…..

Love you all guys and gals…

(This 20 year old Chinese model has 45 inch legs….im in love)

Here’s a long legged model to adore… Victoria Secret sex bomb …..Elsa Hosk

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