” I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand…..” THE REAL JOHNNY DEPP.

Once upon a time an actor got a break in a B horror movie, he was first to die in the movie  and that was that….except the movie went on to smash box offices and and become a horror classic….the actor was Johnny DEPP and the movie ” A nightmare on elm street” . So from then on the roles grew for DEPP just getting more and more till around the 90s when things really took off. Now I’m not going to go into the long list of openly homosexual directors and producers he worked with at this time and the fact in alot of Depp’s roles he wore a dress or had openly gay scenes …if that stuff happened and he was into it …more power to him…..its the other stuff that freaks me out.

Around the same time as Johnny DEPP was becoming famous so was River Phoenix . River Phoenix had a drug problem but admitted it and went to rehab ( DEPP still hasn’t admitted it …. Crystal meth being the drug of choice according to friends) . So River Phoenix gets out of rehab and decides to go to his friends club that is the new cool place to hang out…. except the club is ” the viper room” and is owned by JOHNNY DEPP. So Johnny is up on stage with the band and sees River Phoenix gives him a wave and then out of no where a guy gives River Phoenix what looks like a glass of coke remember he is just out of rehab and on the dry. I don’t know what went down that night but people there say River Phoenix looked at JOHNNY DEPP as if to ask was the drink from him as a joke  and a smile and nod came from DEPP. Maybe DEPP was enjoying the music who knows….. but River Phoenix drank half the glass of coke said he didn’t feel right, went to the bathroom and 10 mins later fell on the side walk outside the club dead. After the autopsy it showed that River Phoenix had 4 times the amount of heroin that would kill you, twice the amount of cocaine that would kill you, plus lsd, METH, and a few other drugs in his system when he died and thus died of an overdose. Thing is 3 hours before going to the club River Phoenix passed a drug test because he was just out of rehab….. he was clean before the club…. someone at that club knew he was coming and wanted him dead. River Phoenix and JOHNNY DEPP were at this time going for the same roles and moving the same circles as in producers and directors….. as I said no one really knows who gave River Phoenix that drink but Depp’s career from there sky rocketed. He did close the club for a week as a mark of “respect” to his ” friend” but photos came out of him having private parties in there and in reality he just banged the shit out of kate MOSS  who looked like a corpse at the time. I ll let you make up you ‘re own on the River Phoenix matter.

The West Memphis Three are 3 teenagers who in the 90s raped and killed a child. 2 were sentenced to life in prison and the leader was sentenced to death. Yes the court case was a bit of a joke because devil worship was brought up and loads of other stuff but either way you look at it the jury found them guilty and that was that ( please look up the story because it is too sick and twisted for me to write about …thats how bad they killed the child). So years later enter Johnny DEPP as the leader of a group of celebrities who think the killers are innocent and wanted them freed…..and guess what, they got them freed but in order to get out they had to sign a form saying that they did kill the child. Two of them faded off but the leader and DEPP are very good friends, they even got matching tattoos and this child killer now lives in a mansion although he has no job, has a wife who married him just out of prison, gets visits alot from DEPP and other powerful people and the rumours surrounding them all are awful….please look it up. But what ever you ‘re opinion…..JOHNNY DEPP  got a child killer freed and now Johnny DEPP makes kids movies ….. think about that when you see on the big screen.

Now comes the $600million. That’s how much roughly JOHNNY DEPP has wasted over his life on parties, drugs, whores, generally being an asshole. Now most of you will say that’s the way to do it and live like a rock star……but think about this. While DEPP over the last 20 years is spending this money partying he has a wife and kids, you might think that it’s great for these kids to have all this money but where is they ‘re father, where is the dad to play with….. well he is off getting high and unfortunately daddy is a crack head. Now this brings him down to the level of the local piss head at your local bar who you know has a family at home but he would rather be drunk and talk shit without having anything to say…… the only difference is DEPP has money or had because lately he is taking any shit role that comes along and alot of his stuff is up for sale…..he could well be broke. Why do you think the devorice settlement with Amber Heard was so low….she has more money than him. Again you make up your own mind.

There is loads of other shit, his liking to beat women and stuff I don’t even want to get into but this is the guy who is coming out trying to incite the killing of President TRUMP. Yes he said sorry but it’s too late because to the liberal Muppets out there who think Johnny DEPP Is ” the man”, what happens when one of them does try and kill the president for the love of JOHNNY. These stupid celebrities should be held accountable for inciting hatred because with they ‘re nonsense they could well start a civil war…. it’s time to call them to heel. Please read more into DEPP and other celebrities…..it will shock you and hopefully make you not listen to them.

So until tomorrow guys….. don’t let El Corpsehead arse fuck you with ideas….

Love you all guys and girls….

Here’s a few of the beautiful  women who saw sense and got away from DEPP ( he might be an asshole but he has great taste in women)…. Kate Moss , Vanessa Paradis, Winona Ryder  and Amber Heard 

One thought on “” I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand…..” THE REAL JOHNNY DEPP.

  1. Hardly any of this is even true.
    Depp and Phoenix didn’t know each other. There was no wave or nod between them. They had mutual friends in Flea and John Frusciente from the RHCPs (John gave him the speedball). Phoenix never went to rehab. He was clean for months leading up to his death, but that’s what he’d do. He would binge, and then go through a fasting. And there wasn’t lsd or meth in his system.


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