I don’t know how I feel about this but Vouge magazine took a photo of Celine Dion naked backstage at one of her shows. It’s kinda like one of those things were you know you shouldn’t look because ….well.. it’s Celine Dion naked but you just can’t stop yourself so you look but you can’t unsee that and want to look away but you can’t. So you start to check her out and you begin to feel dirty but you still can’t look away, then you start to think ” maybe I would” and I can’t believe I’m saying this because her music wrecks my head…..but Celine Dion looks good naked…dear God did I just say that.

July 4th ….we all know the date, it’s the American independence day, it’s a big deal for freedom everywhere….kinda every country wants it’s own 4th of July but not at the price of what Chicago has to pay, 60 shot and 8 dead over the holiday weekend. Wtf!!!! It’s mainly gang related because with so many fire crackers going off it masks the gun fire sounds but this is the norm for Chicago on a 4th of July. 1300 extra police where on duty but 60 shot!!! This will give you an idea of the gang problems in America so well done to President TRUMP for sending those MS-13 guys home. To some America is still the land of dreams but this is the reality.

This sex robot shit is getting worrying. It’s only now a ban is being called on child sex robots I thought that would be a no go anyway ( what kinda sick fucker buys a child sex doll….hang on what kinda sick fucker makes child sex robots) but what about the sick fucking weirdos who like to beat and rape women isn’t giving them a sex robot something to practice on. People are coming out saying that these new sex robots with be great for the old  and disabled people who might otherwise find sex a problem ( just quick note sex robots in the UK can be leased….just think about that for a second…..ya yuk) this is true and will help the old and disabled get they ‘re rocks off but I’m more concerned about the sickos who are like Ted Bundy…. they like to fuck dead people!!! Think about it there is weirdos out there who have all kinds of fucked up sexual issues ….. great give the weirdo a sex robot he can stick his dick or whatever into it and then get out power washer….shur he can wash the car while he is at it….but what about the one guy out of a hundred that the sex robot ain’t enough for. What happens when he wants a real live person male or female to do whatever sick shit he was doing to the robot. I think that it’s a step too far….. it’s like pervert paradise now and any sexual fucking twistedness is ok as long as you  think so….but what about the other person. Gear up guys and gals because it’s sickos and weirdos who have more rights than you now.

We at 187 believe in freedom and with 4th of July just past fans have voiced they ‘re opinions  on Ed Sheeran   and because it wasn’t ” we love you ed” he quit Twitter like the little bitch that he is. Lady Gaga then tries to come out saying  stuff “be nice or work harder and you could get to Ed Sheerans level” ….. hey lady gaga fuck you too. If you don’t like an artist and feel the need to tell them ….. don’t be afraid tell the bastards let them know that you have a voice and you ‘re not just and ass kisser….. please welcome Ed Sheeran and lady gaga to the world of Porta Gregor and 187 ….. the real world where real people have the real right to say ” you suck go eat a bag of shit” if they want too. I ‘ve told you guys before that you’re better than these celebrities….i love the 187 movement I love you all guys and gals and I’m proud of you for voicing you’re opinions.

Lastly Christina Aguilera is back with a bang ….. just look at her she is a sex bomb. Fuck the music ….thats one hell of a 4th of July swimsuit

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..hey Ed you suck…..

Love you all guys and gals…

Here’s a real Russian princess ( seriously she has the title through marriage) the beautiful ….. Natasha Alam

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