Today is going to be a short BLOG because I’m tired sore and cranky. Finally a country that can show some respect to a world leader and also put a choke hold on these Islamic extremists…..Poland. President TRUMP got the welcome he deserved from a cheering crowd as he gave a speech to the public of Poland. Unlike the new French president who said he was going to rule France like ” a god like emperor ” ( he really said it) President TRUMP lives in the real world and Poland can see this. Over 200k new jobs created in America since he took power…. it speaks for itself but still leftie trendies are shouting that Muslims should be allowed rape women. Polish women are beautiful and the thought of some greasy fucker just off a boat shouting about religion and culture while he beats and rapes these beautiful women sickens me as it does the people of Poland so they said no fuck off to Islamic extremism and if you want to come here obey the law and the Polish government who enforce it…..how many attacks…none.

Unlike Sweden. At rallies to support Muslim refugees men have  now been banned because…..get this….. the Muslim men were gang raping the white Swedish women who turned up to support them. Then everyone is afraid to say anything because these men claim it’s they ‘re culture. Right picture this……BANG  a punch in the face… hard on the side of a beautiful blonde girls  nose exactly  where her nose meets her  eye, the darkness follows but not enough to totally knock her out but  she is  instantly stunned. Before she can even think about what is happening  two men are pulling her  to the ground and it’s then she  hears the noise of her clothes being ripped away as she can feel the cold night air on her body as she  then sees  what’s left of her clothes  being thrown away in shreds  …. it begins to set in what is going to happen …. she is about to be raped… but there isn’t just two men now …..a gang a has formed of over ten men all laughing and jeering in a language she doesn’t understand. As she screams two laughing men hold her down as she tries to fight a third off her now defenceless naked body ….BANG… a second punch again where the first one had landed..the darkness again but this time she wants to fade into it but  one  last scream leaves her dry throat   as a third man who had been opening his jeans with a broken toothed grin on his bearded face forces himself inside her laughing and BANG….. a third punch… the darkness  over comes her she no longer has the head for a fight but he body feels the gang of men each one more disgusting than the last and each one more voilent than the last as if it’s a competition to see who can hurt her the most….as the gang of men finish with her the two that held her down laugh as they urinate  on her then with they ‘re boot heels kick her into a coma. It’s just another rape in the now rape capital of Europe. But who cares ….. it’s they ‘re culture. I FUCKING CARE…PORTA GREGOR CARES…..187 CARES….because that girl is someones daughter, someone’s girlfriend, someone’s wife….that woman is a fucking human being for fuck sake….you fucking animals!!!

Can you fucking stupid liberal one love idiots not see the lives being ruined by Muslim extremists coming to the west and just commiting gang rapes because they know they will get away with it because they call it culture or religion. I piss on a culture or religion that says it’s ok to rape. But there a flip side…..at 187 we believe it is in our culture to defend the helpless so if we see that kinda shit happening by the same law it’s in our culture to help the person being attacked as it it should be in every decent person’s culture whatever religion they be…..you know what to do. I ask you this when you you die and you see god will you tell him it wasn’t convenient for you to do the right thing at that time…..men of honor won’t have to say this.

While we ‘re talking about assholes George Clooney and family are moving back to America although he said if TRUMP  became President he would leave the country. Why is he coming back ….. fear of being attacked!!! Let me explain something about terrorism to you George, if terrorists kill a George Clooney it’s world wide news but ultimately no real people give a shit because you don’t know him. All you know about George Clooney is that he is a rich asshole actor on the television ……but if Mary’s 14 year old daughter from around the corner has been blown up at concert it effects you because it’s the real world….. you’re world. George Clooney has armed bodyguards…..lives on a fucking compound and lives in a world of splendour that you don’t know…..but Mary’s daughter won’t be chatting to you about you’re day any more….thats terrorism it goal is to set into the public mind . So George I don’t think you have much to worry about …..wanker.

The first time I saw a fidget toy I thought it was some form of sex toy for homosexuals or weirdos….. honestly I had no idea what it was…..but some loser has paid €17k for one. I have no idea why he bought it but I think he over paid just a bit.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….. Porta Gregor  stands ready…. are you? ( these are just some of  beautiful women we must protect)

Love you all guys and gals…

Here’s the sexy senator who nearly got purged ….. Elizabeth Mitchell 

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