Untreatable gonorrhoea!!!! There is a new form of gonorrhoea  that is sweeping across Europe and America and it’s untreatable…..fuck that…..no wait don’t fuck that. Most people who have it don’t know that they have it and pass it on until it reacts someone that it out breaks in or the carrier develops another illness to spark off the gonererra. It can be spread by intercourse or oral sex. And they tell you no illnesses coming from refugees….hmmmm…i wonder. So use a condom or 3.

A priest in North Carolina pulled a gun on a couple in a road rage incident. This guy rules not only does he take no shit he was driving a corvette. For some reason a couple in a Silverado truck had to do a test on its park brake and over took father road rage in the corvette and he got thick and pulled a gun on them …… why….no idea but I love this guy. He got arrested of course ….but Jesus saves dude.

Mosul has finally fallen to Iraqi Troops trained by US special forces. The bombing campaign, the fighting, the death…..who has won….no one. Civilians are still dying from disease and injuries and honestly just because a fighter puts down his gun and becomes a civilian don’t mean he stays that way….this is the truth of fighting an insurgent war….how do you tell the insurgents without guns. The American armed forces are trying the same policy of training local armies to fight they ‘re own battles this keeping American boots off the ground and control the conflict from the air in a bombing campaign. In the end the only winners in war are the suppliers of war materials so this fall of Mosul is good but nothing to get to excited about as the ordinary man is still dying on the street. War knows know end.

How does she do it ….. Liz Hurley is 52 and omg she is in a bikini over the weekend and she looks stunning. She puts every young slapper star to shame. Just look at the pics. One thing I found out about Liz today was when a snake was going to bite her baby ….. she jumped over a table and cut the snakes head off with an axe….. I love her. I so love her.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….use a condom …..

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the beautiful Asley Greene 

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