Release the emails….all 30,000 of them, whoever has them …just release the emails, President TRUMP has no fear of the missing emails and none of us that support President TRUMP fear them either because if you nothing done wrong you have nothing to worry about…… why do think HILARY CLINTON   is breaking out in assholes and shitting herself to death. The Clintons went from broke when leaving the White House to over a billion dollars net worth now. During that time China got they ‘re hands on American missile secrets as did North Korea, the Clinton Haiti earthquake and tsunami charity some how has a shit load of missing cash as does the Clinton foundation, oh and wild Willy went on the Lolita express twenty odd times and was so big headed about it he even signed his own name…… I ‘ll leave you draw you’re own conclusions on all this. So all you leftie trendie fucks who keep shouting about nonsense with Russia why ain’t you calling for the emails to be released, the fake news networks, why ain’t you calling for them to be released….. because once they are released you’re house of cards will fall down and you may have to tell the truth and the leftie trendie scum may have to go to class in college rather than hugging a stress dog ( even the dog thinks ye are assholes). So to whatever China man  ( we all know China has em) sitting in his apartment in his underwear playing with his balls that has the emails…. just let the fuckers out ( the emails not your  balls) and let’s get on with it.

You wonder why the world is going to shit then you hear this….. Kid Rock wants to run for US SENATE in 2018! Now I don’t know if you remember but Kid Rock used to rap with a kid as gimmick. Dressed the same as him the trailer park trash pair were ….. well….shit, but the gimmick made him money so more power to him but after his time was up the bastard came back where he ruined ” werewolves of london” and “sweet home Alabama” in a fucked up mix but it caught on so we got stuck with the bastard. He took to Twitter saying “Kid Rock for us Senate 2018″ but t-shirts have been printed and posters and shit have been made up although no papers have been filed yet,but do you really want this guy working for you because that’s what will he will be doing if elected. He wants to called ” pimp of the senate” but what he wants to be called doesn’t matter, if you need help and all you ‘ve got is an asshole in a white fur coat… well your fucked.  Please don’t elect this guy.

I recently saw a movie called ” Megan is missing” and it hammered home why I do 187 and hopefully we can add a missing person’s page to our site but during this movie I saw how guys are treating girls now and why girls are putting up with it. But yesterday live on Facebook a girl and guy streamed live a sexual assault on a suspected mentally disabled woman. Why the fuck would you do this! The guy recorded it and the girl committed the assault. Gulfport police were quick to step in and have the video removed from Facebook but someone downloaded it and it’s been reposted and loads of people are viewing it….. why the fuck would you want to see a mentally disabled woman be sexually assaulted…. sick fucks.Haleigh Alexis Hudson ( 19) turned herself into the police because …. well ….how can she hide the fact that that she didn’t do it. The brave man who did the recording was arrested, Ezzie Johnson (17) faces charges of kidnapping which carries a 30 years to life sentence and he will be tried as an adult. This is something we ‘re seeing alot at 187 ….. girls being assaulted but not classing it as assault. No means no…. there is no being cool, it’s you’re body and if you don’t want to be touched just say no. Guys ….. learn respect, because you can bully a guy or girl into doing something they don’t want to does not mean you should….please think. 

So KIM Kardashian  put some stupid picture up on Snapchat and behind her looked like lines of cocaine but it turned out to be just the pattern of the marble counter top or something . But when you think about would you really want to see this stupid bitch on cocaine . Most people when they have a line or two of coke get more confident and big headed, take on the world kinda ( So I heard….i wouldn’t know anything about it…..moving quickly on) but I seriously think if  KIM Kardashian snorted cocaine her ass would get bigger. She is the only woman I can think of that is so stupid that cocaine would have no effect on her….because there is nothing to effect. So I’m guessing that best to put the cocaine is up her ass……after all that’s how she likes it. 

We had a bad day at 187 yesterday….one person we helped, another we couldn’t. It takes it’s toll on us but makes us want to work harder. Porta Gregor and 187 are always here 24/7 to help anyone who needs it and the fight goes on.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….. don’t vote kid rock…..

Love you all guys and gals 

Here is a Chinese supermodel that I hope gives me her email address because she is stunning ….. the beautiful…. Liu Wen 

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