Finally a honest photo on Instagram. Everyday I open it and I see these fitness guys with perfect bodies and you think how the fuck does he do that…. easy he edits the pic. But it’s worse for women …. there is girls trying for the tiniest bikini on the fitest body pic and you can see a mile away that they are edited but girls still rush to the gym to starve themselves to get a body that ain’t sexy because a load of guys told the false girl she is hot. But finally a real life vs Instagram has been posted. Come on guys and girls be happy in your own skin and don’t let fake pics ruin you. Most of the girls in the tiny bikinis are slappers with std’s anyway. Be real.

In Raleigh N.C., some dude farted on a plane and made people so sick they had to divert the plane and land because passengers were getting sick. What the fuck did this guy eat to let off a fart so bad that it brings down a plane. I will say I was on a train one time and a dude went to the toilet and he came out looking relived but a good looking blonde was next into the toilet she just closed the door then suddenly it opened and she ran down the train screaming. I have no idea what the fuck yet  man did in there but least the train stayed going. Bringing down a plane with a fart is a new one 

You got to feel sorry for this Bruce Redding guy. He goes out to the gym has a good work out and heads home. Except when he gets home he finds an SUV  ( sports utility vehicle ) buried into his roof and he can now see through his house. It appears the SUV  was speeding down the street and hit an embankment went airborne and landed in his roof. Was the driver hurt…. I don’t know ….fuck him, he has just crashed into a dudes house. Think about it you make payments on you’re house ( and let’s face it American home ownership is a mine field) and some wank stain is now sitting in a SUV buried in you’re roof. How do you explain that to the insurance company.

I get up at 3am, excited ” game of thrones ” is back on ….it starts and then you realise home fucking shit it really is. The red head looks rough, the fat fucker just manages to find the one book with the only map of where the island is to mine the shit the kills the only cool dude in the whole show …. the guy on a dead horse ( any dude who travels by dead horse is cool) oh and this island is right next to the castle that the mad blonde than rides dragons or something is now living. I mean she’s away for fucking years and comes back and no one has taken over the castle, remember she got married to count I’m hung like a horse or something …. anyway fuck all that shit, what cut the arse off the show for me was ….. Ed Sheeran!!!! There was no warning he just starts singing …. that can fuck people up. I thought there was a law that they gotta tell you when that bastard is going to start singing so you protect yourself.  But no …. the ginger  tosser even spoke ” it’s a new one” … of thrones…… ruined……. can’t wait for next week thou. 

So until tomorrow guys and gals……fuck you ed Sheeran.. .

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the sexy underrated ….. Leslee Bibb 

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