Aerosmith have always sucked, they kinda trick you with a song you think is good but really it turns out to be shit or just a commercial music industry song ( movie or advert or profile building for an actor….think about it…liv Tyler….yer one Silverstone.. .) but this is a new low. Steve Tyler  ( lead singer for those under 30) who looks like a fucking corpse is to team up with that thing Caitlin Jenner  ( I’m sorry it’s a man who got his cock and balls chopped off….but he is still a man….sticking feathers up you’re  ass does not make you a chicken) to do a version of ” dude look like a lady” . We all know neither of these two can live without being talked about but for fuck sake this is just ridiculous  ( hahahaha dick…..even I didn’t mean that one Caitlin dude….hahaha) ah fuck aerosmith. 

In Tobyhanna Philadelphia, a woman shot her boyfriend point blank in the head because he asked her to. The reason ….. well…. they were both members of this weird fucked up cult online and the boyfriend believed that the leader was a reptilian pretending to be human and was trying to take over his mind. The woman then called 911 and admitted shooting him ,told the police  why and waited for them. Now I ‘ve heard all these reptilian ideas about the they posing as humans and doing stuff….  nicki minaj is ment to be one… so we know they have poor taste in music. What would scare the shit out of me is a 7ft lizard walking up to me in public and saying ” how you going boy….any cric”.Human race is fucked.

What the fuck was this Florida guy thinking, there was a break in to his car and his cocaine was stolen ….. so he rang the police to report his cocaine had been stolen. When the cops showed up he tells them he is a drug dealer and someone had stolen his cocaine. The police then looked in the car and found a crack pipe and traces of cocaine. Of course they arrested this fucking idiot who then complained about his rights….. your a fucking drug dealer you have no rights, you deal in misery and death….fuck you. What a fucking clown I hope he is like pass the parcel in prison.

“Despacito” is now the most streamed song of all time. Please do not ask what the fuck it is or who the hell it by because i have no idea. Justin beiber was mentioned somewhere so obviously it’s going to be a load of bollox….. but you can’t say we here at 187 don’t keep up with modern music ( although none of us ever heard the song) oh on another note that fat ignorant auld bitch Rosie O Donnell  ( who ….. exactly) has come out with some form of President TRUMP killing game. Ah it’s just some nonsense by a unfunny comedian who is fat and stupid. I suppose when you’re washed up and know it you ‘ll try anything to  stay talked about…..bruce cut his balls off, maybe Rosie might do the same.

I love women. I’m a straight guy and I love women especially tall blondes, I guess that’s why I like European women. I ‘ve no problem if a guy wants to be gay that’s his business. Same with a guys religion as long as they are showing the same respect to me as I am to them I don’t care what you do it’s you’re life go live it. But I can’t abide violence against women and I can’t stand by and be told that I have to put up with it because it’s my religion that is wrong….. because it’s not. What has me fired up is in Germany a female hair salon owner hired a Syrian refugee hair dresser. She was hailed as a model of integration and she encouraged others to do the same. But guess what this Islamic piece of shit did….. he cut her throat with a straight razor because in his culture and religion  a man should not take orders from a woman. First off he is a faget hair dresser ( that’s not saying he is gay or a mock on gay people….he is one of those people you don’t want touching your hair if you what I mean) she gives him a job when he had nothing and he kills her. So I say it again I piss on any culture or religion that does this because my god shows love not hate. Also get this, in Sweden the sentence for gang raping and beating a Swedish woman into a coma is…… 18 months, because they don’t want to seem racist against the Islamic rapists ( 97% of all rapes this year in Sweden have been by Islamic men of military age) a woman’s life ruined and the the fucking scum that committed the crime will be out in a year ( good behaviour) and what do you think they plan/ talk about in prison….. tourism is down in Europe, the economy of most European countries is down…. I wonder why.

So some weirdo stalker fan of Emma Watson stole her rings after she went to a hotel spa. I don’t really give a shit about her losing her rings I think it’s poetic justice that this little bitch can show off by “let’s go to the spa” and well she got fucked over just like what happens to the rest of us. There is some reward offered by her fans for the rings but I hope the sick twisted weirdo who is probably jerking off on the rings thinking of Harry potter giving it to her hangs on to the rings…..or maybe give em back when finished putting em up his ass …. and collectd a reward for it, there’s an idea

Finally I was watching an episode of “pawn stars” and this young guy came in with an original 52 fender telecaster he asked $13k for it and got it but the fat scumy looking son of the owner just walked down the street and sold it for $30k. I can understand they need to make money and that some people need money fast and these shit bags are there to offer it to you but they will arse rape you on the value because they know you are in a bind. Remember too that these guys are being paid to do the show. So please before you pawn anything do you ‘re research and know the value and be firm. No matter how nice and friendly the guy behind the counter is …… he is just blowing smoke up you’re ass to make money off you…..money lenders and pawn shops are the scum of the earth use them as a last resort 

So until tomorrow guys and gals….. ” don’t tell me lies and keep you’re hands to yourself”….

Love you all guys and gals….

Here’s the drop dead gorgeous…..Gemma Arterton

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