First off calling U2 playing in Ireland a homecoming gig is a down right lie. This is not they ‘re home they all live in the Netherlands for tax reasons and bono has put all his money in the form of a charity but only gives 1.3% of the money to help people …..bad bastard….but that’s not why I’m pissed off. At the moment in Ireland there is all these musicians coming out on tv who had careers in the 90s but were Alcoholics and drug addicts and now they all have health conditions from the substance  abuse. And to make it worse they are getting reality shows for ” how they cope”. Look you washed up old bastards nobody forced the bottle to you’re lips and nobody forced the needle in you’re vein so fuck off looking for sympathy  because you’re fucking careers went nowhere and now because you did damage to yourself and you  expect us to feel sorry for you….fuck off. The latest to anger me is Shane McGowan. He has been pissed drunk all his life and he turns up at the after party of U2 gig in a wheel chair and looks 100 years old. I don’t feel sorry for him I feel anger for him. He did all that to himself . What about the warriors who have mortgages and kids and get sick and have to go into a wheelchair….they fight everyday and Porta Gregor has the utmost respect for these silent warriors. Shane McGowans of this world…..dont look at me for a ” ah the poor devil”…..shane fuck you too and every other celebrity who has fucked up they ‘re lives. Give a fucking idiot $20million it’s still a just a fucking idiot.

While we ‘re on the subject of piss heads, a woman in California livestreamed a fatal car crash where her kid sister was killed. The woman was pissed drunk while driving and her sister was in the back seat with no seatbelt on. So she crashes and turns over the car this is where it gets fucked up…..she kept streaming. ” I just killed my sister  but I don’t care, I know I’m going to prison but I don’t care. I killed my sister but I don’t care” and kept on with shit like this till the cops arrived she even posted it to different places on the net. Police were shocked as were the family who confirmed it was they ‘re family members in the video. What the fuck is wrong with people anything for those 15min of fame. This reality tv is taking over and suddenly everyone wants in but look how far people will go….. ” I killed my sister but I don’t care”.  Please get this KIM Kardashian and kanye dickhead west ideas out of you’re minds ……a girl is dead for followers and likes. The woman is charged with manslaughter and other offences and I hope they throw the book at the fucking bitch.

Swingers…..in an age where std’s  are rampant and now this incurable gonererra , I think swingers are kinda fucked up …. I mean it’s just kinda sick if one swinger has an std but still passes it on because they wanna swing. Well in a swingers club in Victoria Australia the police were called because a hand gun had been seen in the club. Thing is it was a fake gun belonging to the joker costume  that one sick weirdo was wearing. So the armed police rush into the club which is hosting the saints and sinners night and tell the sick weirdo dressed as the joker to drop the gun except he doesn’t and starts pointing it at the cops. Then his girlfriend dressed up as god knows what starts mouthing off at police who are repeatedly shouting drop the gun…..the sick weirdo and his girlfriend don’t drop the gun and laugh. Well they got shot which is only right and proper, if you point a gun at armed police you’re going to get shot. Thing is the weirdos survived and are now sueing the shit out of the police. I hope they lose because let’s face it the stupid motherfucker should have put the gun down and he and his mouthy bitch got what they deserved. So a warning to all swingers keep the mousey in the housey or you might get shot at you’re weirdo club.

This is sad very sad, a woman in Birmingham was having sex with her partner where she was tied to the bed and she appeared to strain her wrist so she went to accident and emergency where two doctors looked at her wrist and agreed that it was a strain….. but it wasn’t. It turned out to be a rare flesh eating bacteria that infected her wrist and within hours she was dead. How this bacteria got to her wrist is unknown but there has been a huge increase in bacteria like this since the refugee crisis started. I’m not saying that a refugee caused this death but in schools across America lepersey has been found in refugees and thus found in schools where the children of refugees attend. There needs to be medical vetting of refugees coming to western countries…..the bacteria that killed this woman must have come from somewhere…..

A dude in Switzerland who had a bit of a grievance against an insurance firm over a claim attacked the company headquarters with a chainsaw and when he was making a balls of that he took to the street with the fucking chainsaw and started attacking people…..why….fuck knows. What a fucking asshole if he had an injury claim he must know what pain is like and to then attack others on a street with a fucking chainsaw….what the fuck is wrong with people. Swiss police have put the biggest manhunt in place to find the weirdo. What is it today with swingers and weirdos …. it’s hard to stay positive with all this shit going on but at 187 we fight….the world keeps turning I guess.

Good news for all “Game of thrones ” fans …. it’s still crap. Yes I got up at 3am with fear in my eyes as I dreaded the sight of ed Sheeran but luckily the Taylor swift squads gimp must have been put back in his cage because there was no sign of him. So what happened in this weeks episode….. well ….. not much. There was loads of blah blah blah about will you be my friend and shit and yer man is getting ready to give the red head the jump. Speaking of the jump, longworm  ( the guy with no cock or balls….hang on that’s half the male cast….maybe I just hit on something there) managed to get the fuzzy haired girl naked and into bed ( yer one who speaks loads of languages for the Dragon queen one ) and omg what a body she has. This is the highlight of this weeks episode….. when she getts her kit off you’re eyes nearly pop out of you’re head weather you’re male or female. Why have they been covering this girl up for 2 seasons…i mean you can put up with the blah blah blah shit which makes no sense what so ever if for 1 minute you get to see a female goddess naked like this who is not  fucking false like all these fucking kim Kardashian hoes posting pics on Instagram. Girls take note ….you are beautiful the way you are ….. natural beauty is true beauty and that what this girl showed on this episode…. natural beauty. Anyway after I got finished pausing the naked goddess ….. the fucked up family from the iron islands had an auld battle at sea and well the mother with 3 hot mad daughters got killed and the greyjoy dude with no dick ( what is it bout game of thrones and guys with no dicks) jumped into the sea again. All in all a complete load of bollox except for the goddess. Can’t wait for next week.

So until tomorrow….. why so many guys got no cocks in game of thrones…..

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the sexy smouldering……. Olivia Wilde 

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