Did you have a mental picture of a creep. You know what I mean, a guy you want to get away from who is always lurching off women and is just generally a creepy piece of shit. I never thought there was a female equivalent till I came across Cara Delevingne. I mean just look at her when she looks at you it’s like Hannibal lector eyeing you up as a steak and god help you if she wants you for sex. She was at some shit premier of some shit movie she is in with RIHANNA  ( I have no idea what it’s called) and well Cara Delevingne is just creeping all over RIHANNA.. …it just makes you wanna have a shower and not in a good way. Cara once had sex with something on a plane in the seat and then got a guy thrown off the plane because he looked at them fucking. Just check out the creepy head on the bitch…..ah she freaks me out. I know she is in the Taylor swift squad but were the fuck did she come from it was like over night she was there. …. but then isn’t that what creeps do….. they just appear out of nowhere.

An ex marine from Florida believed so strongly in the fight against ISIS that after his discharge from the marines he secretly flew to Syria to join the milita fighting ISIS. He only told one of his high school friends and swore him to secrecy. So when it was reported that he was killed in action it was up to the high school friend to tell the ex marines father that his 26 year old son had been killed fighting ISIS in Syria. I don’t know weather to respect the decision he made or feel he should have told his family. With so many troops in the area he could have joined a country to fight as mercenary but instead he went with the shit box milita…… I don’t get that. Well no matter what way you look at it another brave man has died on Syrian soil and all our condolences and prayers are with his family. While we ‘re on the ISIS subject  it seems after getting they ‘re arses kicked in Syria they have moved…… to the Philippines!!!!! That’s going to cost a bomb forwarding the post.

President TRUMP has now banned transgender people from entering the armed forces and he is 100% right. Last year near $700 million was spent by the military  on medical procedures not connected to military work. Why should tax dollars pay for an operation to make a dude a woman and then pay for the follow up hormone treatment for soldiers who will be of no use when all these medical things done. The money saved will be far better spent on the brave soldiers who have been wounded in battle or have Ptsd rather than some guy who wants his lad chopped off. Well done President TRUMP for making the hard decisions… to get rid of Obama care and make America strong again because a strong America means a strong world wide economy. 

A Danish company have come up with a new beauty product ” the perfect v”….. what’s it for ….. well it’s make up for vaginas. No I’m not kidding this is make up that glows in the dark on a woman’s vagina. I’m sorry but if I go home with a girl and we ‘re getting it on and when I take her clothes off and her vagina is glowing …… well I’m going to shoot the bitch because I’m not risking her being a zombie or chemical attack weirdo freak  ( my mother once said about my women ” when you look in the gutter you can’t go much lower” so could happen) What happens if you’re dick starts glowing…..this is a nightmare waiting to happen

So the nominations for the mtv vma’s are out and guess what ….. it’s the same fucking shit as the last few years. Yes in a world of talented musicans you get to pick between fucking Ed Sheeran or fucking ARIANA GRAND. This is the first year where is not best male or female ( or gimp in ed Sheeran’s case) its best artist. Are these people artists…..if ARIANA GRAND is art I’m a fucking astronaut and I’m going moving to mars to open an Irish bar. Business might be slow for a few years but if Matt Damon can grow shit on mars I’m sure a pub will work. But back to the VMA’S  how insulting is it to be given a list of shit people to pick best artist. Go to you’re local bar and see a live band and they ‘ll be better than anything on offer. While I’m on this…..fuck this shit of how great Chester BENNINGTON was too make sure his family were looked after , after his death. I’m sure they would be much happier if he were alive rather than be looked after. I’m sorry if you don’t aggree but Chester BENNINGTON was a coward and took the cowards way out. If you say the pressure he was under please think of this…..the money he made came from you’re pocket, are you not entitled to be entertained for you’re money or do these little shit heads expect you to just hand over money for nothing. Yes pressure them for entertainment because you’re paying for it. You’re not putting a needle in his vein or a bottle to his lips that’s his choice …..but you are paying for it and if some son of a bitch is partying on my dime….i expect something in return…..but a coward will take a cowards way out. I know quite warriors who are dying and fight everyday because of they ‘re families….. so I’m sorry Chester no credit given here.

That little prick Justin beiber has cancelled the rest of his tour  ( bet he keeps the money) in order to set up his own church and religion….i shit you not….the church of beiber!!!! He claims that it’s to bring him closer to god but I ‘ve a feeling it’s to put him farther away from the tax people. I’m sick of celebrities doing shit like this….setting up churchs or charities or foundations….bono, beiber, DiCaprio, the Clintons…..the list goes on and on while the normal working guy gets arse raped in tax. The latest rich tax loophole is to buy you’re own fucking island. Become famous become an asshole it seems.

That’s about it really it’s kinda one of those days….a 9ft crocodile ate some guy, a secret service agent managed to accidentally shoot himself, some mad auld one was found out on an island where she had been living for 26 years!!!! Bet she could use some of the ” perfect v” or when I think about it maybe not….

So until tomorrow guys and gals….watch out for Cara Delevingne   in a white creeper van….

Love you all guys and gals

Here’s the quietly sexy …… Brie Larson 

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