How big a of a idiot is Katy Perry …. I mean seriously we all know she is stupid but this is a new form of stupid. Katy Perry is going to host the mtv vma’s and it’s themed on the moon or something so what does Katy Perry do, well she starts texting 87 year Buzz Aldrin who has walked on the moon for advice….. advice on fucking what, she’s going to be on a stage not the moon….. I hope Buzz Aldrin just told her to fuck off or at the very least got her to sext him naked pics of herself and then told her fuck off. The mtv vma’s are bollox and this year are going to be double bollox with Katy Perry as host. I didn’t believe that the media was trying to dumb us down till I watched ” fast and furious part 104″. First off it was gay, I mean the homosexual hints in it make you uncomfortable and then there is the lack of a story and the rock is just a gay poster boy in it. It’s so dumb that you want to cry if you ‘re a car lover. Vin diesel has been rumoured to be gay for years so a sex scene between a gay guy and lesbian  ( the girlfriend  one) is pretty uncomfortable and the rock name dropping all the time is just sad. Katy Perry, the rock, vin diesel…..its just stupid now…..is this our entertainment.

So every zed list celebrity is coming out supporting the transgender people all because President TRUMP has put a ban in place to keep them from joining the military. How can you have a soldier in the military  who can’t make up his mind if he is a man or a woman…. it’s that simple. But everyone is saying ” I support transgender ” ….. it’s like support you’re local TRANNY and so to be a good guy I said I would go out and find a TRANNY and ask them how they feel about all this new found support. First off let me say that I’m not one of these people who say ” I ‘ve loads of friends who are transgender ” I ‘ll be straight up and honest I don’t know any trannys. It’s harder than you think to find a TRANNY when you want one, I got punched by four different women when I asked them ” excuse me but are you a tranny” ( apparently they really were women) so at that stage I gave up and said ah my local TRANNY can fuck off. Caitlin Jenner is of course one of the people complaining about the ban but who would want that tool in the army anyway he is a walking advert for” look  What happens to you when you keep you’re balls in a jar on the mantle piece …. you turn into me” .  It’s also not an insult to tell him go fuck himself because he literally can with his own equipment……..think about that!!!!!

It used be a rumour  that if you wanted to join the British you had to take it up the ass. Just how it was I guess the senior officers came around and gave the private a private seeing too but I can’t stand when the abuse is turned against women. A female RAF  has come out with pics of the abuse and harassment she got at age 17 when she was stationed in the Falklands. She was the only girl on a base of 28 men. There is pics of her be passed around….footage of  soldiers calling her pussy….and these scumbags walking around naked in front of her. Forget fucking transgender fuckers in the military the real problem is women in the military being forced to have sex with higher up officers and suffering abuse on a daily basis during they ‘re time in the military. They joined to serve they ‘re country and get abused but where are the celebrities to support these women, where is the out cry …. there isn’t any because there is no head lines in it. Well Porta Gregor and 187 support women in the military and we encourage you to speak out if you ‘ve suffered abuse. And to any Alfa male who abuses women….. a gun don’t make you a man ….or  you thinking you a bad ass killer…. studies have shown that a baseball bat broken off you’re head does the same amount of damage as it does to anyone else. Think about that before you rape or abusr a girl in the same uniform as you…… hero!

In Yemen a sick pervert was shot dead as was his sentence for …. get this….raping a 3 year old girl and shooting her with a machine gun. What the fuck is wrong with people, how do you do something like that. The piece of shit was shot after 100 lashes in front of a cheering crowd. I’m delighted that they dealt with this pervert in this way and I hope many more are dealt with in the same way. This comes as there is a rise on the importing of child sex dolls to the UK. The dolls cost £1000 each and there is a mass demand for these dolls from perverts that police never even knew existed. The dolls have child like features and come in male and female. This is fucking worrying ….. how long is a rubber doll going to satisfy a fucking pervert, he is going to want the real thing. Why is there such an increase in child sex abuse. It’s ruining a life of a child….if anyone in the 187 movement finds one of these perverts you know what to do….and don’t feel bad about doing it.

Russian 6th generation war planes will have lasers….. how cool is that. I have no idea how it works but has something to do with shooting beams at a missile. Now this may be a shock to people to think ” oh no Russia has lasers” well you can take it for granted that so does America and China and that it was probably Hilary who sold the idea to the Russians anyway. Speaking of Hilary….. where is the auld bitch. Since losing the election she seems to have disappeared. I know Bill is probably touching himself or a goat or something but a missing Hilary Clinton scares the shit out of me because you don’t know what the crazy bitch up too. Chelsea is the one I fear the most because she is young and will follow in her parents footsteps into politics and when she is president god help us all. I will admit I would give her one ….. I wouldn’t be proud of it be I’d do it for my country. Hilary on the other hand…..

So game of thrones…..why is it I come away from watching it asking myself ” what the fuck just happened”. It’s like my eyes see it but my brain can’t take it in and afterwards it’s like missing time after being abducted by aliens or something. Anyway there was a shit load of blah blah blah, I’m this and you’re that and shit like that but the thing this week is the body Lena Headey has. She puts all the young actresses to shame, a beautiful woman who getting older just gets hotter. I know she is fucking her brother in the story ( the writer of game of thrones has fucked up issues with sex I mean he has dudes dicks chopped off and incest and loads of fucked up sex) but she controls the story. That’s the thing about game of thrones the older actors and actresses keep it together because without them the show would fall apart. The red head can’t act, John snow is John snow in real life, the Dragon queen couldn’t even play ‘Sarah Conor and so on but there is one stand out young actor in game of thrones that is so shit that you wonder do they even pay him…..the guy who can’t walk because he got thrown out a window for seeing the brother and sister at it and now gets dragged around by the girl that no one knows where she came from ( what happened to the little bastard that was with her) considering I thought he had turned into a tree I was a bit shocked to see him at the wall. He is such a terrible actor and throw the red head into a scene with him and it’s like wiping you’re arse with sandpaper sure it ‘ll get the job done but is fucking painful. So what else happened…. longworm with no penis is trapped on a rock, John snow is going digging ( hope he shags yer one) the fat guy cut all the shit off the dudes skin and cured him ( why the fuck did they not do that in the first place) and James bonds wive got killed. Plus loads of blah blah blah blah. So really nothing much happened, since they ran out of books I think game of thrones is moving to too fast in places and so boring in others. Also no sign of the blue dude on the dead horse. Still a shit show but can’t wait till next week.

The dude who made the mistake of grabbing Taylor swift by the ass in a photo shoot is up in court today and good old Taylor will be there to send this devil pervert to hell for touching her fine ass. Seriously what was he thinking …. she is crazy  and he grabs her ass ….. that’s like poking a shark with a stick….youre fucked she ‘ll nail you. Taylor swift has enough power and money to put the lights put on any career she wants and some scumbag dj thinks grabbing her ass is a good idea….what a tool. Anyway I don’t really give a shit about the case but the good news is Taylor swift is 27, I thought she was younger. So there is only 10 years between us so I’m in with a chance. Gimme the chance and I can win her over to the dark side…. I love crazy firey women with great legs loads of money and well everything….what am I offering her, I’m broke, ugly and fucked up health wise….but I ‘ve a great fucking personality. Taylor if you read this just email me…..please don’t sue me or 187 because I ‘ve 3 children ( well they ‘re kitty Kats but I’m still they ‘re daddy….. Porta Gregor may be a badass but I love my kitty Kats) so don’t sue us or press charges on us and oh by the way I’m single Taylor so no messy break up song to write…. 

So until tomorrow guys and gals….. Taylor call me…..

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the queen ……. Lena Headey 

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