So we re back…..but it seems like i go away for a month and the world goes nuts. America is trying to find out who is the most white, destroying history and all the time the black lives matter crowd are just sitting back laughing as they get educated liberals to do they re dirty work for them. Everyone is looking for a nazi to punch but none can be found so what do the leftie trendie scum do…..well attack everyone. Yesterday i saw a video of a man being beaten, spit on and pissed on because he had alopleasa which makes you’re hair fall out so they branded him a nazi and beat the shit out of him. In another case a guy was walking to McDonald’s to get food for his 8 year old dauggter and because he had a tight hair cut a guy came over and stabbed him in the neck killing him because he thought he was a Nazi……there is no fucking nazis you stupid fucking clowns….two guys at a right wing rally with a swastika doesnt mean they world is made up of nazis.

But lets look at the ” real left” crowds of students cheering as the statue of ROBERT E LEE was being taken down in the university of Texas and most of them didnt even know who he was. Take a look at this new group Antifa with they re all in black uniforms, red and black flags and using violence as they re method of speech…… remind you of anyone…. its getting out of control. White people calling other white people racist for being white, are you kidding me. I will stand toe to toe with anyone who tells me im a racist because i am a white irish catholic man….is this what four years of college teachs you how to hate you’re fellow man. Check out Texas, blacks helping whites, whites helping blacks, mexicans helping everyone and everyone helping mexicans….its called living together. President TRUMP has even added his own personal money to aid relief in Texas but you dont see that on the main stream media all you see is this nonsense about  his body language……”G” i hope you read this and you puke as i do any leftie, cover you’re faces and shout racist as you beat up veterans in wheelchairs…… yes the liberal left did that, all you are doing is pushing for a civil war….. why…. there is no need. And as for this motion to replace the American flag because some 20 year old smelly fucking leftie thinks its racist let me explain something to you…. flags are not racist people are. So while you lefties are trying to find a nazi the black lives matters group are jusy laughing at how stupid you are. And i cant blame them because if i had a group of educated Muppets to do my dirty work id be delighted. Finally also its being looked into where all the money for Haiti went….. we all know the clintons didnt give a red fucking cent to Haiti but its finally being looked into because the witch Chelsea Clinton will probably make a run for senate in 2020 and the democratic party want that out of the way before then. Why do i bring up the Clintons…..where the fuck do you think the black lives matters gets the money to give to the liberals to protest. Follow the money and you find you re enemy.” G” i hope you ve woken up and mr im a fucking tool….if not you sicken me…. America is heading for flames and what do you think will happen to the world.

While we re on world events yesterday saw American bomber planes do practice nuclear bombing attacks in South Korea. The aim being that forces stand ready if that nut bag in North Korea decides to nuke Japan or South Korea or fuck knows where. Does anyone actually know what his problem is, his country is starving and there this stupid looking fuck head testing missiles…..why bother no one wants to invade North Korea because its a fucking shithole….what the fuck you going to do with it if you invade. In South Korea they have everything most North Korean people aint even seen a telephone and think the beatles are still number one. Personally i think the North Korean leader suffers from small penis syndrome…..its the only thing i can think of that makes sense.

Would you believe they made a documentary about Cara Delevingne making the transition from modeling to acting, i shit you not, the movie industry is gone so bad that you now have to suffer this bitch tell you how hard it is to get paid a million dollars to model than its is to get paid a million dollars to act…… you re still getting paid a fucking million dollars to be shit. She is also a member of the Taylor swift squad….. Taylor swift released some kinda fucked up mini movie/music video last week…..the song is catchy but the video is like what a deranged rat would come up with if you fed him lsd for a month and then made him watch Clockwork Orange….its nonsense even worse than nonsense its shite. I fancy Taylor swift and would love to have those long legs around me but if she is this bat shit crazy in her career what the fuck is she like in real life. Oh did you know she forced Ed sheeran to wear a dress and come out with a sheep on jimmy Kimmel, yes youre reading that right….a fucking red dress. And will smiths son/fag ( fag referring to him wearing a dress while still saying he a man….nothing to do with his sexuality) is back wearing “dresses for men”. Im a man and im not wearing a fucking dress you stupid little bastard…. a dress is a fucking dress…. go away home to youre worthless daddy and tell him about youre fucking dress for men…. he has seen so many cocks he ll understand.

Munroe Bergdorf the first transgender model has been fired because she said ” all white people are racist ” . This man/ woman/ thing is the fucking most stupid person of the week ( i would have said celebrity except i never heard of it before today) l’oreal sacked the tranny after a facebook rant that made no sense saying all white people racist…..well im white and im not racist against trannys… most people we just dont give a fuck about you…..if you want to chop you re cock off what the fuck is that to me. Stop confusing us not giving a fuck about you with racism. Shur maybe you chopped you’re cock off ” because you’re worth it…..dumbass

Check out this yoyo …… meet Daniel Ventre . He got up and went for a walk in the park, went to feed the birdys …..then ripped one of they re heads off and drank the blood because guess what… good old Daniel thinks he is a vampire….except they must have forgotten to give Daniel the vampire guild book because he beheaded the bird in fucking daylight. What a clown. He was quickly arrested because lets face it you see a tool drinking the blood out of a pigeon he has just beheaded you are going to call the cops. He will be charged with animal cruelty but really they should charged him with being an asshole.

So until tomorrow guys and gals……its good to be back….

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the girl with the dragon tattoo the Swedish beauty…….. Noomi Rapace

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